Another of those cool hill retreats left behind by the British; Dalhousie

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About the Place:Dalhousie is a gateway to the ancient Chamba Hill State, now Chamba District of the state of Himachal Pradesh of India. This hill region is a repository of ancient Hindu culture, art, temples, and handicrafts preserved under the longest-running single dynasty since the mid-6th century.

Spectacular snow-covered Dhauladhar mountains are also visible form this enchanting town. Dalhousie was popular with the British Army personnel in 1860’s. By road Dalhousie is about 550 km from Delhi, 52 km from Chamba via Banikhet and 43 km via Khajjiar and the nearest railheads at Pathankot & Chakki bank railway station are approximate 85 km.

Must see places:Kalatop, Khajjiar, Jandari Ghat, Bholani Mata, Sach Pass


Good Time to Travel:Summer months from March to June are the best time to Visit Dalhousie

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