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Travelling is one of the most liberating experience. While women are taking to the road more and more, their family members may not have time to travel with them or they may just want a time from their family. The travel experience is different when you are with your parents, your husband, and your kids, and when you are going solo. Moreover, one of their biggest concern for women travelers continues to be safety making solo travel difficult. Thus they are taking to traveling in groups. While this ensures safety one finds in numbers, there are additional advantages of being able to bond with other women and make friends. Moreover, by traveling together, women can look after each-other and cutting on costs.

The following are some of the women only travel groups that promise an exciting experience:

1. The WOW Club

The pioneers of women-only travel, Women On Wanderlust (WOW) club was created in 2005 by Sumitra offers domestic, international, customized – all kind tourisms for its members. They organize over 100 tours a year. A knowledgeable Wow buddy will accompany each group.

2. Women on CLouds Club

From weekend to leisure to adventure to Yoga getaways, Delhi based Women on Clouds Club offer kind of options. The club has been active since 2007 and is a trustable name.

3. Soul Purpose

This travel group was created by its founders Mimi and Vidhya. Their tours are all about adventures like kayaking, trekking, kayaking, rafting, wildlife safari etc. If you are afraid for your fitness, they will customize their tours according to your health levels.

4. Wonderful World

Founded by Shibani, this group offers holiday as well as guided tours. The group size for a tour is never more 15. They also give you credit on the amount you spend which can be deducted from later tours. They research everything in advance to be able to plan the tour in advance.

5. Diva Odysseys

This travel group is based on the philosophy that Diva must travel in style and luxury. They pamper you with a royal style tour – letting you experience local culture, taste unique cuisines, explore landscapes etc.

6. F5SE escapes

This travel group based in Banglore is using innovative methods to enhance your travel experience by offering accommodation at homestays and eco-resorts. They also assist Solo travel by planning itineraries according to personalized needs and remote hand-holding during the trip.

7. The Wander Girls

The Wander GIrls group offers a to z planned tours designed by combining music. culture, history and (who can forget!) food.

8. Girls On The Go Club

GOTGC offers well-guided tours to exotic places and a chance to meet like-minded spirits.

9. Ms. Travel Bee

This travel agency explores everything – museums, galleries, folk art, heritage, castles etc as well as art, culture, music, food too. As long as you are over 18, they have tours around the world to offer.

Women’s travel groups are trending and here-to-stay for good reasons, you may want to try them if you are afraid of going solo.

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  • I just found your blog and I’m glad I’ve stumbled upon it at this sort of crossroads for you. I think the advice to be kind to yourself is some of the best, and I hope that solo traveling brings you joy. One of their biggest concern for women travelers continues to be safety making solo travel difficult. Thus they are taking to traveling in groups. Cheers!

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