14 Tiger Reserves Avails Recognition from Global CA/TS for Good Conservation!

Posted on September 15, 2021 by

India gets a new star added to its batch with recognition by the Global CA/TS for its 14 top Tiger reserves. It mentioned that these reserves have an excellent potential for Tiger species conservation!

Tiger Reserves from Various Parts of India Suitable for Conservation

The Global Conservation Assured/Tiger Standards, i.e., CA/TS, awarded 14 reserves in India for valuable tiger conservation. It’s been a long time since the world has been trying to nurture and protect these endangered animal species. Indian Tiger Reserves are doing a spectacular job in protecting and increasing mighty Tigers at several country locations.

The reserves from Assam’s Manas Kaziranga and Orang, Maharashtra’s Pench, Kanha, Panna, and Satpura of Madhya Pradesh are included in the list. The list continues with the Dudhwa National Park of Uttar Pradesh, Valmiki Tiger Reserve of Bihar, Sunderbans of West Bengal, and Parambikulam of Kerela. Others in this category are Tamil Nadu’s Mudumalai and Anamalai, while the Bandipur Tiger Reserve of Karnataka.

Role of CA/TS in Tiger Conservation Management

CA and TS are the crucial management authorities that keep a check on tiger conservation. It came into existence by the Tiger and the Protected Area Experts in 2013. The prime motive of this organization is to define the right standards for managing these targeted species and assessing those standards at the conservation regions.

Tiger Conservation in India- Major Goals

India is making consistent efforts to ban Tiger hunting and protecting the species from years back. The Project Tiger was launched in 1973, but hunting has been strictly prohibited since 1970. From 1972, there was a tiger census in the country under which there were 1827 tigers left. Considering the urgency, the Government also came across the Wildlife Protection Act in India. Even the forest department takes adequate measures to ensure that there is no violation of acts brought into effect for animal rights.

The new consensus of 2018 unleashed the overall estimates of 2967 tigers existent in the nation. Out of this, almost 2461 tiger photos were available through the camera traps. The existing tiger reserve also belongs to the tourism circuit of the state. It is mandatory to check the Tiger count as it depicts the pride and prejudice of India!

After the Government releases new laws and norms, hunters and tourists do not permit harming, touching, or killing the already more minor Tiger species in the country. Hopefully, the existing reserves would further accelerate the ‘Save Tiger’ mission in the nation!