What Sets Us Apart

  • Collaborate with Ghoomophiro

    As team Ghoomophiro, we help corporates to take a break from their hectic schedules and get indulge in team building activities, corporate trainings, sales meets, employee engagement etc. To ensure WoW experience, we have tie-ups with multiple resorts, properties across India that can fit the requirements. We also help in coordinating women solo travel.

  • Work with Ghoomophirosisters

    As an avid travel blogger and digital nomads from India, we work closely with corporateism boards and relevant travel brands to help them connect with my engaged community of readers. Posts on the ghoomophiro blog are the reflection of our travel journeys as sisters. Our attempt is to travel the unexplored, particularly India and get the share our experiences with our readers.  What inspires us, is the love of our readers on the social network, who are eager to follow our footsteps and share their queries. We can help the aspiring brands via following means.

  • Listing in Ghoomophiro

    If you feel, your property could be part of such events, feel free to connect with us. We will evaluate the same and can take it forward from there.

  • Blogging campaigns

    We partner with tourism boards and travel brands to deliver campaigns, wherein we intend to showcase the destination, accommodation in an experiential way via blog posts, twitter and Instagram and photo galleries.

  • Travel Influencer for Online Campaigns and Contests

    We work with travel brands to run and promote travel-related contests and campaigns that are of interest and value to our readers and community.

  • Brand Ambassador

    We also work as brand ambassadors with tourism boards & brands to help them showcasing the unexplored and meanwhile helping them in curating their travel blogs.

  • Speaker at social media /travel events

    As #ghoomophirosisters, we love delivering speeches and inspire females for solo traveling.

    You can reach out to us at

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