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Grab On : Top travel bloggers in India for 2022

Himadri Garg has been names amongst Top travel bloggers in India to watch for. Read More

2Messy Corner: Jan 2020

Prachi Garg and Himadri Garg listed amongst Top 20 travel bloggers from India everyone should follow. Read More

Now this News: Aug 2018

Prachi and Himadri Garg call themselves the GhoomoPhiro sisters. They’ve been traveling and exploring India for more than 10 years and started guiding solo women travelers through the country to create a safe way for them to see lesser-known parts of India. Read More

Indian Express : Jan 2019

Are you a woman and is solo-travel on your mind? All the insta updates from your friends travelling across the globe getting to you? But we can’t ignore the fact that it has become increasingly difficult for women to travel alone in India. Even if you break the initial mental dilemma of whether it’s a good idea it’s still hard for a woman solo-traveller to plan a trip without numerous hurdles. Read More3

Pioneer : March 2019

Prachi Garg and Himadri Garg received award from Madhya Pradesh Tourism board for Read More

CNN Travel: Aug 2018

Ten years ago, sisters Prachi and Himadri Garg set off on a spontaneous adventure.

They left their home in Delhi and hopped on a bus, paying no mind to where it was going.Neither had a mobile phone, let alone Google Maps. Read More

22 Influential Travel Bloggers of modern times who fuel our wanderlust.

Travel Triangle: June 2018

Prachi and Himadri Garg are two sisters who have been exploring unexplored India for the last 8 years. Popularly known as Ghoomophirosisters, the two women are among the most famous travel bloggers in India. They have recently been awarded by MP Tourism as their best friend on Social Media in travel awards 2016 and by Gujarat Tourism Board for their services.See more

Ghoomophirosisters, The Travelling Bloggers From Delhi

Nearfox Delhi Aug 2016

 If you haven’t heard of the two traveling sisters under the moniker #ghoomophirosisters, listen up, ’cause this is a story every person who’s ever been bitten by wanderlust must know about! Prachi Garg and Himadri Garg, the two aforementioned sisters have been traveling for over 8 years, exploring the length and breadth of India, including places that are completely unheard of. See more

These Inspiring Women Set Out to be Their Own Boss and They Totally Rocked

Idiva March 2016

 It’s the month of Women’s Day (celebrated on March 8th), but we are cheering for women who braved the naysayers and chose the road less-traveled. See more

Top travel bloggers in India you must follow to get travel inspiration

Tripgully Jan 2016

 As travelers, we always look for new travel destinations to satisfy our wanderlust. Tripgully brings you a list of top travel blogger in India who you should follow right away to get inspired to travel. These travel bloggers will show you the world in their travel journey which is full of amazing travel stories and photographs. Here is the list of top travel bloggers in India in no particular order, follow them and get inspired. See more


 Prachi Garg is a young entrepreneur with a vision and mission. She is not just a business woman but also a published author. She is a true blue Mirandian with go- getting attitude and a firm belief in the power of innovation. She cofounded and wrote “Super women”. She is passionate about traveling and writing. Here is an account of her entrepreneurial journey.See more

This Story of Two Sisters Will Break All Your Stereotypes About Female Travelers in India !

Tripoto Nov 2015

 It’s a world full of stories. Stories that overwhelm. Stories that inspire. Stories that fill our gut with courage and make us throw away all the worldly excuses out from the window and take a step towards our goal. Its a goal that makes our life sing.For some of us, travel makes our lives sing. Its an out-worldly rhythm that makes us dance in the most wonderful corners of the world. We know there are countless dreamers who wish to see this wonderful world and live a life of travel. Read More

Prachi Garg, GhoomoPhiro: Allowing Corporate Managers Organize Team Events at Minimal Cost!

Your Story July2011 is an answer to the problems faced by managers of corporate world who want to organize team events at minimal cost. We organize corporate tours based on the customers’ requirements and budget. Read More

The World Is Out There, And We Only Have One Lifetime To Explore The Unexplored !

Tech Story Aug 2015

 Traveling has been a passion that Prachi Garg has nurtured, ever since she was a child. So starting a business that involved traveling was always at the back of her mind. One such expedition to Pachmari, gave wings to “Ghoomophiro”, her very own initiative to organize corporate tours based on customer’s requirements, budget and provide them bouquet of options. READ More

Meet the SHEROES – Prachi Garg

Sheroes Aug 2015

 Prachi Garg is a 30 year old writer, traveler, and an entrepreneur. She started, an enterprise where the team organizes corporate tours based on the customers’ individual requirements, budgets. She then provides them a bouquet of options. This initiative was taken up by her during college days.She also kick started a journal “Managing Minds”, that caters to the need of Tier II & Tier III  MBA aspirants. She has been associated with eetindia group, DDNews and has been freelancing for HT Horizons for quite some-time. She likes travelling, theatre, and writing.provide them bouquet of options. Read More


 Prachi Garg, the founder of, gave her passion the wings to fly higher and travel miles. She transformed the relaxation into enjoyment by organizing corporate trips and business meets in a given budget. No more office blues, gals, only Bliss! Bliss! Bliss! Isn’t that inspirational to coin the name of your business after something you love the most- ghumna phirna to Read More

The Ultimate List of the Top Travel Bloggers in India

Holidify Aug 2015

 A few days back, Holidify had called out to all the travel bloggers in India – big or small – to sign up for Phase One of the travel community project. The aim is to build a digital society of seasoned travellers who are enthusiastic bloggers, interact with each other, help out future globetrotters, participate in community forums and fun contests, and share as much information about their experiences as possible which will reach out to a world wide audience.The shout out was across various social platforms likes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and via Email. The response we received was amazing – over 250 bloggers signed up for our project ‘India’s Top Travel Bloggers’! However, only the best travel bloggers in India made the cut by providing us quality, reliable reads. Read More


The Techy Aug 2015

 Are you among those who feel technology and entrepreneurship is all just man’s world? That is not only sexism but also a proof that you have no idea what the ladies of our generation is upto today. Time to wake up and smell the coffee – women are coming out of their homes and playing with innovation in business and making huge moolahs – and of course building a name for themselves. Here’s raising a toast to all those lovely women who swim against the tide to come up as technopreneurs to change the world by inspiring many others to follow their footprints. Their success is worth celebrating twice over. Here is a list of 9 change-makers in the Indian tech startup scene, including some who have made it big and others who look full of promise in the days to come. They are young, they are talented and they are all set to smash the ceiling – making it big on Online Startups. Read More

One woman’s show

New Indian Express Aug 2011

 Prachi Garg isn’t just another MBA pursuant. She is a budding entrepreneur and the founder of Ghoomophiro, a start-up that organises events for corporates at minimal cost. An avid traveller, Garg realised that it is a tedious task to organise team events. At that time she was working as an associate programme manager with Sapient Corporation, New Delhi. She took it upon herself to start her own venture that would cater to corporates and make life easier for them. Read More

Day In The Life Of An Entrepreneur

Women’s Web Feb 2015

 It was the crazy desire to start something on my own, together with travel as my passion, that gave birth to Ghoomophiro is a travel planning service that specializes in organizing corporate tours. We offer various options such as including adventure and leisure corporate team events, with a focus on less explored places.

Corporate tours with a dash of adventure

Tehelka Nov 2011

 IT WAS the fascination surrounding an idea that led to the creation of The idea occurred during one of my holidays at Pachmarhi, where during an interaction with a local, I thought of converting my travel passion into a profession.

It felt like I was standing infront of a bridge. It was upon me to cross it now. In my mind I knew I had to cross it. After all, this world is dotted with men who have crossed bridges in their imagination far ahead of the crowd. These thoughts have always inspired me to strive for excellence and innovation.Read More

College gives you the time and space to experiment’

MoneyControl June 2013

 Managing a travel venture sans travelling is an art Prachi Garg, is a student acquired by setting up a network to support The golden rule is learning to manage your time efficiently. Read More