Romantic Winter Getaways: Top Honeymoon Destinations in India

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Winter honeymoon destinations in India

Winter honeymoon destinations in India

After marriage honeymoon, is an exciting part that remains in the beginning life of the couples. They
may be residing in India or outside, but creating the best memories is all they want in their first holidays
after the wedding.
Couples gather memories and happiness when looking for their winter honeymoon destination in India.
No longer there is a requirement for looking into international trips when India serves the best diverse
geography, even during the winters. If married in winter, it is the best time to explore the best parts that
can be memorable for newly married couples.
Honey destinations in India for newly wedded couples
When there is a need to escape from the routine and need a break after the ceremony, couples look for
comfortable and pleasing destinations. A place will give them the space and time to spend with each
other as new couples. It is when they look for the best destinations that are within budget and at the
same time provide peace of mind.
A honeymoon is also considered a tradition to add some spice and romanticism to nurture their
relationship. The destinations selected should give them the ambiance to feel and start their journey in

1. Manali:

When looking for honeymoon destinations in India, it is the place located in Himachal Pradesh, known as
Manali. Placed in the bed of snow during the Winter, it provides a beautiful ambiance for couples.
Enjoying the landscape, being in the serenity of Manali and its local people, itself gives a wonderful
feeling to the couples.
Explore similar cultures, also look into the camping and the retreats of Nature are one of the best parts
of visiting Manali during the honeymoon; specifically for adventure enthusiasts. Apart from it the resorts
and hotels provide luxury amenities and privacy along with privacy walks for the newly wedded couples.

2. Kashmir:

The most popular winter destination for couples and families is Kashmir. Photography and scenic beauty
both run parallel is essential for new couples. The place can capture memories for couples through its
cultural and scenic blends within its cameras. Dal lakes and houseboats are the main attraction that
provides the ambiance of romanticism. Relaxing with the breeze of cold air, the Pahalgam is a tranquil

Explore the culture, dancing, singing, and costumes apart from the local cuisines. The snow-covered
places are a treat to the eyes. Enjoy privacy and a romantic ambiance, even sitting back at the
houseboats or resorts and spend quality time on chilled days.

3. Auli:

For honeymoon couples who share similar interests, they are adventure enthusiasts. They should visit
the place located in Uttarakhand in Auli. The place is one of the winter destinations covered with snow-
covered slopes. A stunning ambiance with a wonderful landscape gives the atmosphere of romanticism
to the couples.
Apart from it, those who look for privacy will find the best resorts affordable and comfortable. Enjoying
the cuisine, serving local, continental, and Indian, the couples can spend days in comfort and relaxation.

4. Ladakh:

To have a warm start to the honeymoon destination in winter, Ladakh is considered to be the most
renowned space with surreal landscapes. It gives the heartiest welcome to the couples, when in the
luxurious resorts and retreats that ensure to provide a sense of secularism and intimacy at the same
The tranquility of Ladakh is bounded by peace and serenity. It ensures to give privacy for couples and
remains connected to serenity. They can get peace of mind away from their busy life and focus on
strengthening their bond.

5. Darjeeling:

Being in the East, when looking for the best and most affordable destination, Darjeeling is one of the
popular honeymoon places. It gives the view of serene landscapes, being a couple observing the
Kanchenjunga, and the sunset is itself a unique stand to experience together.
The cities at night are amazing at every glance at the starry nights. When trying to give a romantic gift to
each other the place has its local and branded shops, malls, and handicrafts that will remain as
memories. Also, the toy train of Darjeeling has historical and romantic importance that riders can only

6. Ooty:

Adventure activities are part of the snow-bedded Ooty. The place is round the year an attraction for
tourists but it is more attractive for the couple in winter. Nestled in the Nilgiri hills the place provides
privacy to the couples. Boating in winter at the popular Ooty lake with a partner and having some clicks
with the background of water and trees covered with mists itself gives a wonderful feeling.
No stress and pain of the scorchy sun, roam around enjoying the cakes and chocolates made in Ooty.
They will share a feeling of care and love with each other instantly.

7. Rann Of Kutch:

To experience the vibes of romanticism honeymoon in winter in Rann of Kutch is extraordinary. The cold
winds and the cultural festivals together give a beautiful vibe to couples.
Couples can feel the cultural essence and at the same time be together cherish and appreciate the
journey on the white sand and camel ride.

Exploring the forts, and the scenic beauty together is mesmerizing as a holiday destination. When
looking for privacy, it is this land of sand that provides romance and excitement together.

8. Coorg:

Witnessing the waterfalls around flowing gives a funfilled sensation while moving throughout the hilly
roads of Co-org. The place in winter is beautiful during the winter and rainfalls, as covered by fogs and
mists early morning. It is difficult to step out of the door but with sips of coffee watching through the
balcony is mesmerizing. Being with a partner the moments are solely contented with the fulfillment of
the relationship after the wedding.
For nature and adventure, enthusiasts can also try the trails and trekking. Also, couples can enjoy water
activities in the Cauvery river that flows through Co-org.
Summing Up!
The pleasant weather and atmosphere that these places for winter honeymoon destinations are popular
in India. These destinations of India attract tourists from all over the world for their amazing facts and
features provided during winter.

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