Exquisite International Honeymoon Packages Under 1 Lakh Rupees

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Honeymoon packages outside India within 1 lakh

Luxurious Honeymoon Getaways Abroad Under 1 Lakh Rupees

Honeymoon packages that are affordable, and comfortable within 1 lakhs INR can vary. A few factors
are responsible for differences in prices. The prices may increase or decrease, but it will be within 1 lakh
if some of the honeymoon destination is selected. Couples can find the best destination in India to
celebrate their honeymoon outside India.

Honeymoon packages outside India

Trips outside India are amazing when it is booked specifically for couples and honeymoon. So, choosing
the right international trip can make memories and exciting at the same time.

1. Sri Lanka

Stunning beaches and many water sports activities attract tourists and newly married couples to visit Sri
Lanka. The cultural richness of the country inspired by the Indian, Dutch, and Portuguese shows a
vibrant influence of culture. Delicious cuisine that is a must try along with the programs of relaxation
and wellness can be experienced together.
Considering expenses to travel from India, it is less costly with less travel times for the couples. It
enables to save time for them to spend more time together on a romantic vacation. There are romantic
accommodations for the couples at cheap rates, they can also opt for tree houses, boutique hotels, or
beachfront villas depending on their budget.

2. Nepal

Explore the local cuisines, popular dumplings, momo, and other mouth-watering food. Enjoy the
serenity of Nepal as a couple first time, together. Being on honeymoon apart from the food it is the
accommodation that should be comfortable and romantic for the couples. Within the budget holiday in
Nepal offers many hotels and resorts that are comfortable and friendly.
Apart from the sightseeing and adventure activities, the wildlife sanctuary can give an exciting
experience. It also provides helicopter tours that give a close view of the snowy Himalayas and remote

3. Thailand

Visit the temples, it is the top attraction of Thailand that offers information on mythological and
historical importance. The romantic beaches provide relaxation, it is here that couples can have a good
time together. Snorkeling, parachute gliding, and many other water sports make it exciting.
Experience the culture and local cuisines that serve in wide range. There are Indian and continental
foods available. Try the hill tribe visits for a change and couples should enjoy the Spa and wellness to
refresh themselves. Homestays, villas, resorts, and hotels are available, within the required budget.

4. Maldives

To experience the honeymoon vacation outside India within 1 lakh, in Maldives it is essential to book
flights earlier at the lowest prices. Look for deals and discounts, fly to Male, and then hire a local
transport. There are many comfortable hotels and resorts best suitable for couples.

Explore the cultural richness, traditional dance, and music, and try local transport. It provides a better
experience to closely know about the place and reduce expenses. Enjoy the water activities and sports
together and choose the sightseeing wisely that will be exciting and memorable.

5. Vietnam

When looking for a low-price international trip within 1 lakh, Vietnam can be the best choice. The place
serves with warm religion and culture that attracts tourists from around the world. There are historical
sites and ancient temples that can be visited by local transport. While moving on the streets the
excitement can increase by exploring the local cuisines.
From the rice terraces of Sapa to Halong Bay, the country offers a diversified landscape of sightseeing to
visitors. It gives a wonderful memory and space for the couples to enjoy their honeymoon. Capturing
pictures and spending time together in the beauty of nature.

6. Bali, Indonesia

One of the most attractive and popular places is Bali, which offers the best vacation to couples at the
lowest budget. Local cuisines are amazing, especially for Indians who find their food flavors when in Bali.
They hardly miss their home when it is a matter of dining or breakfast.
Apart from it the romantic hotels, and resorts are available at low prices, and the currency value of Bali
is less compared to the Indian currency. So, it makes traveling and spending easier, when planning for
sightseeing, Cruise trips, and adventure. It is the place that couples can enjoy at the lowest price with a
private experience on a romantic cruise or at the resorts.

7. Cambodia

Visit Cambodia after getting married, it is one of the international trips that can be enjoyed within 1 lakh
of budget. The peaceful atmosphere of the country is a boon to the newly married as it gives
opportunities for couples to spend quality time together.
The natural attractions are the landscapes, watch closely the Ecotourism and conservation efforts that
support the wildlife. It can be closely observed in Cambodia. Witnessing the sunsets from the river
cruise and exploring the boat trips can be within the budget. Enjoy for hours or an entire day at the less
crowded beaches, it gives a calm atmosphere to the couples.

8. Bhutan

One of the best and nearest destinations to India is to travel to Bhutan. It has both by-road and flight
opportunities that travelers can choose as per their convenience. It is one of the trips that couples can
enjoy on their honeymoon. Considering their culture and hospitality it is one of the most beautiful
Enjoy the breathtaking landscape, monasteries, and the local food cuisines. The currency of Bhutan is
lower compared to the Indian currency, it provides better options for couples to explore and experience
the beauty of Bhutan. Peacefulness and calmness encourage travelers to visit the place for more than
one time. Both traveling time and expenses both are less and couples can easily travel, and have a good
time within the budget of one lakh.
Plan to stay in a budget
To remain within budget, it is essential to book the flights earlier to get the best deals and discounts.
Also, book the hotels or resorts as per day expenses, it will help to stay on budget. Prioritize the
activities and other attractions to avoid overspending. Above all, it is necessary to limit expenses on a
per day basis.

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