Ganga Aarti in Varanasi- Ghoomophirosisters’ 45 Minutes of Spiritual Bliss!

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What a spectacular and soul-soothing experience of divinity immersed in the tranquility it was!

Jingles of countless bells, flashy flames of divine Divya Jyoti, and the galore of saints co-ordinating to praise Gange’s mercy on humans is a sight of a lifetime. Ghoomophirosisters’ experience of Ganga Aarti in Varanasi was nothing less than a tribute to the supremity of nature.

Varanasi, the home to Lord Shiva famous for Kashi Vishwanath Temple (Jyotirlinga) and the oldest town of Bharat (India), soaks your mind and soul into its every bit as you arrive. I had the luck to witness the Ganga Aarti at Varanasi Ghat, the last evening; it was a divine saga. It was mesmerizing to feel the vibe of immortality, supreme power, and the horizon of eternal and temporary in one place.

We always believed that one can reach the footsteps of God only when he wishes to call you. And it was our chance to witness his grandeur- “Om Namah Parvati Patayah- Har Har Mahadev.”

Varanasi’s Most Mystical Experience- The Ganga Aarti in Evening

It is hard to believe that despite being a firm believer in Lord Shiva and religion, We have been unable to visit the holy town of Varanasi to date. This was an overwhelming moment for me to be there for the world-renowned Ganga Aarti, where people, cultures, religions, castes, and customs unite in honor of God.

Amidst the insane crowd and roars of chants and mantras, it was our good fortune to get a spot to sit beside the River Ganga on the Varanasi ghats. We humbly owe our devotion and deepest gratitude to Mahadev and Ganga Ma for allowing me to cherish the iconic Ganga Aarti out there.

The moment of a Lifetime arrived as I attended the blissful Ganga Aarti with the family on a recent trip to Varanasi after a long day of shopping and strolls on crunched streets. Though it was not the plan for the day, luck favored us!

Chance by Destiny- Grandeur of Ganga was Calling…

The actual plan was to visit the monument located a small distance from Varanasi town, but we were so indulged in the Banarasi saree shopping that we missed the schedule. While we regret the delay, a divine Aghori Sadhu crossed our paths and showed us the path to Assi Ghat, where Ganga Aarti was about to begin. Our eyes lit up with joy without a second thought!

Indian culture is beyond logical understanding, and I believe in the hints given by God at the right time. We were over-enthusiastic about being a part of the most iconic and soul-stirring art, which was about to start in a few minutes!

I stepped into the Assi Ghat, and the whole place flooded with people, energies, and the hustle and bustle of vibrant Benaras. Vendors were standing on both side lanes calling out for puja samagri, flowers, and other things to offer to the Ganga Ma. 

I got the complete thali along with the Ganga Jal filled in various containers to buy from. After arranging everything in a thali, We were all set to soak in the calming Ganga Arti, which is all worth the wait.

Unforgettable and Immersive Ganga Aarti Moments

While looking all around, We were trying to grasp the essence and peace of that place and vibes into the soul. The rhythmic chants of devotees, the divine scent of flowers and the incense sticks, as well as women and men decked in colorful attires, exaggerated the image of what I always thought the scene at Assi Ghat would look like.

While awaiting the arti, our attention went to a vendor claiming special Ghat wali chai, and I thought to try this kali chai or nimbu wali chai after the Aarti. People around really praised that vendor’s claim. The artwork of students on the Ghat sketching the Aarti on historic stones and walls were a divine sight. Numerous devotees were waiting on the boats and Alaknanda cruise to capture the iconic Aarti moment.

And it begins!

Rare shivers of spirituality ran through our nerves, and tears started to drop without a wait as the lights lit up and the Pujaris (Priests) arrived at the Ghat to perform their daily Aarti ritual, going on for ages. Every priest I saw had an unsaid devotion and brightness in their eyes. They seemed to know strongly about Indian Scriptures, Vedas, and the Upanishads.

All priests gearing up for the Ganga Aarti were decked up in the dhoti, kurta, and Gamcha on their shoulders. They made an arrangement with a layered brass lamp, incense sticks, flowers, the Ganga Devi idol, and the conch shell to start.

As the Aarti began, the ambiance witnessed a magical transformation I had never experienced before. The forty-five minutes of chants, mantras, shlokas, hymns, and bells hold the power to change your personality and inclination to spirituality forever; I claim it!

The Pujaris started performing the Aarti with full enigma, and I learned what ‘Peace in chaos’ really means. This moment holds the power to heal your soul with the enchanting grace of God as his majesty showers upon humanity with endless energies.

We were so carried away with the fervor and charm of Ganga Devi as the surreal water depicted the ocean of emotions without a word. They rightly say that Kashi is the heavenly abode of Lord Shiva, where every moment hosts his presence. Purifying smoke and divine light of the magnificent Ganga Aarti pacify you from within and remove the impurities around you.

It was the divine manifestation of submitting yourself to eternal power, and the energy conserved within after this speaks volumes. All the stress, worries, anticipations, planning and contamination of soul and mind was replenished. We felt God gave us his real blessings and empowered us with his supreme divinity.

Happiest Us Can’t Express More- The Words Fall Short!

We were smiling, crying, and praying without a thought at the Assi Ghat. Our belief and faith in God became stronger after this, and We knew an inch of him was somewhere struck in me from now till our existence.

Heartfelt emotions of capturing the miraculous sight of Ganga Aarti were captivating, and We were more proud than ever of the cultural essence of India. Varanasi is a deeply-rooted spiritual center of the country, and if you ever get a chance to visit here, missing the epic Ganga Aarti will never be an option.

Be ready to touch with your eyes flickering divine flames and melodious chants revolving in the ethereal environment, which takes you on the spiritual journey across the banks of the sacred Ganges river.

Ganga Aarti teaches you, “Devoting your existence to god is the only path to devoutness!”

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