Carry a negative Covid report if you are travelling to Mumbai

Posted on February 15, 2021 by

Travel restrictions have off late been imposed by the Maharashtra government for visitors traveling from Goa, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Delhi, and Kerala, the latest addition. Keeping in sync with the official report, Kerala has seen the highest number of Covid – 19 cases in the country while Maharashtra following the trend. So, people traveling to Maharashtra from all these states are positively required to get their Covid test done. They should carry a negative RT – PCR report that needs to be tested 72 hours before their travel. The test is made mandatory, irrespective of the airline you are traveling.
This rule applies to not only the flight passengers but also to the ones traveling by train. People traveling by train are expected to get their test done within 96 hours before their journey begins. If by any chance you are not traveling with your report, you shall be screened at the railway station. Moreover, if you show any symptoms of Covid, you are required to have an antigen test and if detected positive, you will have to get admitted to a Covid Care Centre. The expense related to the treatment has to be borne by the passenger.
If officials are to be taken into account, the restrictions imposed on travelers from Kerala are basically a precautionary measure.
However, there is a mobile RT – PCR lab for Covid – 19 testings in Mumbai, the results of which shall be delivered within 24 hours. The cost of such a test pinches at around INR 499. The Indian Council of Medical Research and Spice Health has been roped in for the development of such a mobile service.
Among the total number of 137,536 cases in India, 8944 are in a critical stage. 202 new cases have been reported so far. The main question that lies here is the effectiveness of the vaccination that is going to help the people in the near future.