48 hours in Lucknow

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Lucknow can be taken as a sweet dish, from the way people speak (ah that accent!) to the lovely architecture of the magnificent mosques to the manners, everything oozes out tons of sweetness. Add the delicious cuisines, especially the Mughlai kebabs, biryani and what not, and the city becomes one delicious dream of a food lover along with a poetry enthusiast and the one who understands the nuisances of what constitutes a great city to live in. Spending some time here amidst the narrow alleys, the crowded markets, and delicate biryani outlets may not set well with you at the first sight. But the city grows on you and then refuses to come out of your system.

Below are the things that you can do on a 2 day trip to this beautiful city.

Day 1

Start the day with breakfast. And what is a perfect place for some delicious breakfast than Moti Mahal? Away from the meaty cuisines of rest of the city, this is an all vegetarian food point and serves healthy and delicious food.

The afternoon would be spent taking a fully guided tour of the famous Bhool Bhulaiyaa which happens to be an iconic spot for the ardent history lovers. It was built in the 17th century and is still a place to get lost in even after all these years. Besides this, there are other things that this historical marvel has which will leave you thrilled. These are such the thick trees and lush gardens, a mosque, tazias (small replicas of Imam Hussain’s tomb in Karbala, Iraq), and rooftop balconies that will surround you with panoramic views of the Imambara in Lucknow.

Late afternoon should be dedicated to a place that gives a glimpse into the city’s past during the colonial days, the Lucknow residency. Also known as British residency, this place gives a good peek into the way the British people operated in the city. Visiting it may give you some vague idea about how the foreigners undertook their operations.

Idrish Hotel is the perfect place to end the day with the delicious chicken biryani. Situated in the most historic areas of the city, this one is a wonderful hotel cum restaurant.


Day 2

Start the next day with some vegetarian delights at Brindavan hotel. Located in Hazratganj, the restaurant is one of the most popular restaurants in the city and is a decent crowd puller serving some great chaats and chole bhature along with poori and sabzi.

Chattar manzil or the umbrella place is located just at a few kilometers’ distance from the zoo and a great spot to start the part 2 of the 2-day visit to the city. Nawab Ghazi Haider built it but died midway through the construction. His son then took the   Lucknow_Imam  Charge of finishing the construction and gave us this wonderful monument to be amazed about.

Most travelers happen to miss the famous 900-year-old Khamman Peer Dargah, which remains unseen in the premises of Charbagh Railway Station in Lucknow. The place is filled with the non-stop chanting of the holy Qurans and the crowd is unimaginably heavy, not only Muslims but a great number of Hindus too.


For a relaxing dinner, you must head nowhere but Falaknuma, a classy and sophisticated rooftop restaurant at the Clarks Avadh hotel. The restaurant has a real nawabi feel to it and serves some great Awadhi and Mughlai meals.


Lucknow, fondly called the City of Nawabs is packed with countless tourist attractions, religious centers, and mouthwatering eateries.


Most of the city can be visited in two days but to get the full essence of the soul of the city may take a lot longer than that. But something is better than nothing and these 2 days spent in here will stay with you for a very long time.

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