5 days itinerary for Punjab

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Punjab is called the land of five rivers. And Punjab has a unique combination of culture and beauty of nature that interacts with many peoples. Every year many visitors visit Punjab. I recently have been Punjab and in this article, I’m sharing my experience. I’m sharing with you what I visited in five days’ holiday and what I learned from the people of this city. If you don’t visit once in your life then I think you don’t enjoy your life. No doubt Punjab is famous for its culture but also famous for its delicious food and tests as well. So I suggest If you plan for any trip then you have to visit this time Punjab and spend some time here.

Day 1– Arrived at Chandigarh

When I was visiting Punjab, first I reached Chandigarh airport then I booked a cab to reach the hotel. Many people think that you are new then a taxi driver traps you. But no my dear friends I personally feel that they also take care of their passenger. You can hire a guide as well if you want. They visit you with all the important places that you should visit. So back to my talk, when I reached the hotel then I took breakfast. And ready for the visit to Punjab, I was really excited because I love to meet new people and see the culture. I went to the sheesha mahal, qila Mubarak and NIS and our guide explained to us why it is famous. In the afternoon, I ate chole bhature that famous and really delicious. I still remember the taste of Punjab’s food. After ate lunch, I spent my afternoon in kali Mata temple, dukh niavran gurudwara and then I visited the local market of Patiala. And also buy some stuff for me. If you visit Punjab then you can buy a handmade sari or handmade decorative things that suites in your house. I enjoyed very much in Patiala market and captured some pictures. When I visited the local markets of Patiala then it was 5 o clocks, I can’t imagine time ran out so fast. Now I left the market and reached the garden in the Chandigarh. So I visited the rose garden, it is famous for its natural beauty. Next, I went to a rock garden, and sukhmana lake after 7 o’clock and sector 17 as well at night. Now I feel too tired then I returned the hotel and took my dinner and then took rest because I had to wake up early morning for visiting the next day.


Day 2- Patiala to Fatehgarh to Ludhiana

The second day I woke up at 5 a.m. I felt very tired because I roam too much the first day but also very excited to visit new places. I ready for leaving the hotel packed my bag. In the morning I had a heavy breakfast because I had to travel long-distance approximately 30 km. During traveling Patiala to Fatehgarh I visited tohar mal haweli, Amm khass bagh, joty swaroop, as well as organic gill farm that is located in the sanhali village. I enjoyed so much of my journey Patiala to Fatehgarh now I reached here finally and I was very much hungry. So I ate lunch in a restaurant and then started the next journey that is Fatehgarh to Ludhiana. The distance between Ludhiana to Fatehgarh is 60 km. I reached Ludhiana at night so I took my dinner and went to the room for taking rest.

Day 3- Ludhiana to Jalandhar

So this time I was in Ludhiana, I woke up and took heavy breakfast in the Ludhiana hotel. After took breakfast I left the hotel and enjoyed my further journey. During traveling Ludhiana to Jalandhar, I enjoyed it really and on the way, I visited so many places like malerkotta and gurudwara mehdiana. This gurudwara is famous for its architectural carved creativity on the walls. Next, I saw a nur mahal located in doaba. When I reached Jalandhar so it was a time like approx 8 pm so I just took my delicious dinner in the magnificent haveli. During dinner, I enjoyed Punjabi folk music, bhangra dance which is famous and unique of Punjab. After enjoying all the dance and music I stayed a night in this haveli.

Day 4- Jalandhar to Kapurthala to Amritsar

I woke up early morning and left for the next journey. I took my breakfast on the way of Jalandhar to Kapurthala. And also visited some places like panch mander, Jagatjiit place, factory of rail coach, durbar hall Moorish. I ate my lunch during traveling Kapurthala to Amritsar that is located 60km away.  I reached Amritsar at night so I went to the golden temple that is famous in Punjab. Many pilgrimages come here to pray to god. Moreover, the golden temple holds the attraction of tourists. Next, I went to the Jallianwala bagh and visited the old market of Amritsar. Next, I ate dinner with Punjabi special tadka.

Day 5- Amritsar to Anandpur sahib

This was my last day so I check out from the hotel and went to the Paonta sahib village. This village is famous because of guru Gobind Singh and also visited the Anandpur that is the birthplace of Shri keshgarh sahib. So I spent my whole day in both villages and stayed in Anandpur hotel.


I took a heavy breakfast from the Anandpur hotel and check out from the hotel. And I traveled Anandpur to Chandigarh airport and finally I back to my home.

I really enjoyed the 5 days itinerary for Punjab. Hope you also enjoy my journey!

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