5 Offbeat Trek in Karnataka that #ghoomophirosisters recommend !!

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Karnataka has something … correction, lots of things for all kind of art lovers. Wildlife, coffee plantations and dense forests for nature lovers; countless adventures for adventure lovers; forts, palaces, etc for History freaks; artifacts, sculptors, etc for art lovers as well as temples, dargahs, etc for ones with the religious bent of mind.

Today we bring you a list of 5 Offbeat Trek in Karnataka that every adventure lover should give a try:

1. Kumta Beach Trek

When it comes to holidays, there is no such thing as sea beaches. And thus the first our list of 5 Offbeat Trek in Karnataka will end in Kumta Beach Trek. The beach is located at a distance of over 460 kilometers from Bangalore and offers all major delights that a beach can offer. Its distance from urban worlds ensures the freshness of the air that will greet you here. The trail, which starts at  Vanalli Beach and ends at Nirvana beach, has Kumata beach as a base camp, is surrounded by equally beautiful sights of hills and natural vegetation on both the sides as well as 10 pristine beaches.

Best visited during the winter season, the 20 kilometers trek is not too difficult in terms of terrain but can be a test of your endurance. Make sure to see the stunning sunsets and sunrises.

Add to the fun by camping on beech and sleeping under ever-gorgeous stars and enjoying local cuisine near a bonfire while playing group games.


2. Nishanimotte Trek

Coorg has been dubbed as the adventure capital of India but it also has several numerous other attractions – and one of them is Nashnimotte Trek, the second in our list of 5 Offbeat Trek in Karnataka. The 14-kilometer long trek in western ghats is surrounded by dense deciduous forests, meadows, ridge walks, etc on either side offering a moderate level of difficulty to the trekkers. The trek is the best experience in our opinion in Autumn-spring season. Besides such outdoor activities, like camping and cooking for oneself, the trek also offers opportunities to see the Talacauvery Temple and Bhagamandala Temple

3. Kurinjal Trek

This trek is located among the hills of incredible Kudremukha National Park. The national park takes its name from a hill which is shaped like the mouth of a horse ( the Kannada word Kudre means ‘horse’ and much means ‘mouth’).

This beautiful valley has several wild animals including tigers, langoors Baring deer, etc as well as the tall trees characteristic of Deciduous vegetation. Situated at a distance of over 350 kilometers from Bangalore, the trek is an amazing opportunity to go hiking in a place where you are also likely to come across wildlife. But first of all, make sure to obtain required permission from the forest department of the region. You will have to take special care not to litter or spoil in any manner the natural beauty of the place in any manner. The moderately difficult trek is a 16-kilometer long passage through every changing terrains and can experience all times of the year as being based in a hill station, it has a cool temperature through the year. On this trek, you will come across rich natural vegetation, some wildlife, Somavati Waterfall and, if you like, you can drive ahead and watch Belur temple.

4. Nagalapuram Trek

Next in our list of 5 Offbeat Trek in Karnataka is Nagalapuram trek. This 13 km trail oversees several pools and waterfalls. Since one of the main objects is taking a dip in waters, we were clever enough to take along water jackets which we ended up needing.

The trek is comparatively easy unless you are considering those dips in the water. Recently it has attracted many crowds and which has created a lot of litter and river too is getting pollution. Some measures need to be taken about that. Travelers too need to learn not to spoil the natural beauty of the place.

5. Kopatty Trek

Kopatty Trek of Coorg will be last in our list of 5 Offbeat Trek in Karnataka. The relatively easy 8-kilometer trek is ornamented with the lush greenery of tropical forests on either side. An arc at the entrance to the trail will lea you to Mahavishnu temple nearby. The first two kilometers or so of the trail are a tarred road that has paddy fields on either side. A muddy Jeep trek follows for another few minutes till you reach a stream, another few minutes later, you will enter the forest which again lasts only 2 kilometers before you hit a green meadow. A ten-minute ride to a flat top later you will be able to get a 360 degree of western ghats in all its paranormal beauty.

This trek offers you a chance to experience being in Coorg’s famous coffee plantations and a chance to visit Talacauvery Temple and Bhagamandala Temple


Being greedy foodies we are, we eat more than our share of food, well more than many people’s share of food, and that is all the more reason for us to go trekking every once in a while to stay fit. And these treks offer additional perk in the form of amazing sights they have to offer. What about you? What are your favorite treks in Karnataka? J

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