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Photography Day

I own a folder of amazing photographs, but editing is a fuss! With so many other activities in mind, it is the last thing to do. For a person who loves to update and share creative images on different platforms but lacks time or patience, instant photo edit apps are a boon. Digitalization allows even a new entrant to the camera world an excellent exposure and acceptance. Gone are the times when you have to visit a photo Lab to get a perfect collage done. World Photography Day is arriving on August 19, and it’s a motivational day for all artists to personify their camera passion!

Are you also a camera fanatic? 

For photography aficionados, world photography day brings pride, joy, and feeling of artistic pleasure. It cherishes every bit of famous artists and encourages newcomers. Bulky cameras and negative films are no more in trend? With smartphones in the pocket, people are ready to click the best images and exciting paid as well as unpaid photo editing apps that encourage artistic effects. It is like a small handy computer that you could carry and operate from any corner of the world. 

Today’s smartphone cameras come feature-packed with advanced options for filters and auto-enhancement. Clicking a single portrait and capturing a landscape are two distinct contexts. Protruding the real essence of scenic beauty involves many vibrant shades, contrasting touch, and balancing the shadow effects. All this might not be possible with basic smartphone features. 

In such circumstances, photo edit apps can enhance and optimize the photo quality to multiple times. An appealing picture is an ultimate goal of photography art, and pitching the right contrast sets you amongst professional photographers. Let’s explore the magic photo editing apps this world photography day to revive the art of camera clicks and give them a contemporary touch!

Top photo edit apps to get the instant perfect pictures

Image editing tools are in high demand as most of the graphic designers and professional photographers use them to derive exciting images. When the whole work of editing can go seamlessly with such apps, there’s no need to go with lengthy procedures. Customizing, adjusting color contrasts, and giving a perfect vicinity to every capture is a matter of a few minutes with these cool photo editing apps. Let’s hit the top list of exciting apps for instant photo edits:


Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express is a popular and commonly used photo editing app with a minimal interface. Its powerful editing can shape and sharpen any type of image with less effort. Easy to access options like rotate, crop, flip, enhance, and straighten can give an exemplary touch to your snaps. One-touch filters make it easy to give effects to the pictures that even a high school kid can do conveniently. 


Giving it effects, frames, and add-ons beautify and improve the picture quality. If you are handling larger files, even then, it could manage the pixel quality and retain the originality of the picture. Above all, it’s free to download! What more do a photo maniac needs? If you love to flaunt your camera work on this world photography day, this app gives a direct sharing access to popular social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. Exclusive features of Adobe Photoshop Express:

  • Above 80+ filters to do instant edits.
  • Picture import and editing are possible through the RAW format.
  • Correction suggestions for fixing some skewed or inappropriate photos
  • Download it today to master your photography skills without investing a single penny. 


PicsArt Photo Studio

In 2019, PicsArt was the top instant edit app with a download of over 100 million. If you desire to achieve the perfect portrait picture with a high-end professional view, this editing app can solve your purpose within no time. With so many features and exciting options, such as a built-in camera, you can flaunt your creative side over all major social media platforms. Many youngsters and kids are fond of adding funny stickers and hilarious effects to the photos, and this app has it all. 


From decking up a perfect collage to surprise someone to drawing highlights and adding stickers, you just need a single download and get the editing done. Due to its immense popularity, few ads might interrupt you, but it is worth waiting for surprising effects. Some exciting features of PicsArt Photo Studio include:

  • Brush mode so that you can highlight specific parts of the picture.
  • An in-built camera in the app helps in augmenting the picture quality, along with significant effects. 
  • AI-Powered effects add a great value to editing experience.
  • You can adjust the transparency level while layering the images over backgrounds. 
  • It makes the pictures look precise and subtle.

Fotor Photo Editor

Do you want to upload a perfect, professionally done picture on this world photography day? You must have a professional DSLR, photo lab, and other equipment to avail of a perfect portrait. Don’t worry; it’s not true! All you need is just a good editing app that customizes and perfectly portrays your photos. Correct filters are highly recommended to derive top-notch picture quality. The way you edit is the way people would interpret your thoughts on it. With more than ten editing options, such as tweaking up the brightness of images and setting the right contrast, you have it all with a single app. 



For collage lovers, it works perfectly as there are ample templates to create the desirable collage frame. With so many lucrative options related to editing and enhancing, you cannot miss out on it. Other highlights of Fotor Photo Editor are:

  • An apt photo licensing platform
  • Curates instant adjustments through the ‘enhance’ feature with ‘slide on screen’ option
  • Template options like magazine and classic is a treat for photo creators



For a bit upscale photographers, it serves a few professional purposes as well. It is a fascinating photo editor app that occupies all you need for a worth uploading image. It balances the colors and effects according to the tone of your images without hampering its quality. Every snap of yours can look unique with the effects of this app. It helps in sharing photos and images through social media as well. There are many other vital features of PhotoDirector, such as:


  • It can detect unethical photobombers and vague objects.
  • Consists of artistic picture effects like Vignette, HDR and Lomo
  • As it is a professional tool, it consists of dehaze tools that eliminate fog from the image. 
  • Special effects for the highlighted region is possible with this app. 



Next option to explore on this world photography day to get the best pics is the Snapseed. As it is a Google-developed app, you cannot question its user-friendliness and precision of editing. This free app is the best in the market to avail flawless pictures without making any added efforts. Distinct filtration options of the app modify the photo correctly with numerous editing effects and options. With the help of a few quick clicks, your file can reach any platform to amaze the friends. Features of Snapseed include:


  • Native dark theme mode to give a distinct touch
  • You can edit raw DNG files and upload them as JPG
  • Brush effect option to highlight a specific portion

Toolwiz Photos-Pro Editor


It is a master of all latest instant photo edit apps that offer 200+ powerful tools. It makes the editing experience amazing for the photographers. Discreet options such as Adding filters, swapping faces, and adjusting the brightness and color tone are fun. You can get this app for free of cost and own a very minimalist interface. For Android phone owners, features, and effects that one can retain with this app is incompatible. You could depend on this one without any second thoughts. Top features of Toolwiz are:


  • Excellent set up of filters and pro filters
  • Top-notch image polishing tools that embrace the color tones and pops up the selfie look
  • Above all, 200 types of text font options with additional mask support

Wrap up

Other topmost photo edit apps to instantly avail perfect clicks include Pixlr, Photolab, and Airbrush. There are also many others that you can figure out quickly with a Google search. Compiling an album of your favorite camera clicks is a great way to rejoice your artistic side and enjoy the sheer pleasure of creativity. With the easy availability of such apps, editing has become easy to do a thing, but a vision for art is a must. So, let’s celebrate this World photography day by showcasing your favorite pictures that hold your creative corner. Pursue what you love, and it leads to perfection. That’s the most straightforward algorithm of excellence!

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