7 Reasons to Get Rid of Your Timeshare

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If you’re an owner of a timeshare, you know it can be expensive over time to maintain and keep your timeshare. There are many reasons on top of expenses to get rid of Bluegreen timeshare, including other ways to vacation, the stress that timeshares cause, and false advertising. 




Timeshares can end up being really expensive. If you own a timeshare, you know that maintenance on your timeshare can add up, especially if you’re not visiting your timeshare each time you’re able to. Additionally, transportation to and from your timeshare might be adding up, which can put a damper on your wallet! Browse the best timeshare exit companies to help you get rid of it. 


Other Ways to Vacation


There are many of other places to vacation, and your timeshare isn’t able to travel unless you are part of an organization that allows that, which costs extra money and isn’t worth it in the long run. You might also find yourself missing hotels or resort experiences if your timeshare isn’t located on the property.


Stress Caused by Timeshares


Another reason to get rid of your timeshare- it stresses you out. Timeshares can cause a lot of stress because of the contracts including hidden fees, intimidating and manipulative salespeople, and complicated scheduling. If you’re noticing that your timeshare is stressing you out beyond the point of enjoying your vacation, it might be time to sell your timeshare. 


False Advertising


Unfortunately, a lot of the time salespeople can make promises they can’t keep. This means that once you finally get your timeshare, you realize that you didn’t get what you were promised and paid for, ultimately making your timeshare not worth it. At this point, you’re likely stuck in a contract and are looking to resell because it won’t be worth the fees. 


Lack of Use


If you don’t use your timeshare often, you might find yourself wanting to get rid of it. This can be to save some money, try new places, or simply because you don’t have time to vacation at all anymore. All of these reasons to sell a timeshare with lack of use are important to consider. 


Life Changes


This can be a simpler reason, but it is a reason to sell a timeshare nonetheless. Changes happen to all of us, as life is unpredictable. Couples separate, children are born, and jobs are lost. These changes can affect your ability to keep your timeshare and can be a great reason to get rid of it.

Family isn’t interested


You may have purchased your timeshare with the hopes of passing it down to your kids or other loved ones once you stopped using it, only to realize that none of them wanted the timeshare or are now left with the timeshare. You may have even been given an unwanted timeshare and are now stuck with it. If this is the case, selling the timeshare is most likely the best option!

Final Thoughts

There are tons of reasons why you might want to be selling your timeshare. If you’re looking to sell, think about reaching out to the resort or hotel that sold you the timeshare first, if there is one, to see if they would be willing to buy it back. If not, you can sell it on a resale site and make a fair amount of money as long as it’s desirable and in good condition. 

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