8 Best Hiking Trails in Hong Kong

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The image that comes to one’s mind when one thinks of Hong Kong is a chaotic city full of skyscrapers, corporate culture – and what with it being one of the biggest business hubs of the world, it is hardly surprising. But it hardly true, more than half of Hong Kong is a rural area and it has lots of mountains in it offering you options for amazing hiking experiences. Today we bring you a list of top 8 Hiking trails of HongKong:

1. Sunset Peak Hiking Trail

The highest peak in Hong Kong is located in Lantau Island and offers a trail that, if you wish it, can be as long as 70 kilometers. Along the way, you will come across Hong Kong’s International airport, a couple of historic sights, and lots of stunning sights created by nature including some small waterfalls. The peak is the highest point in Hong Kong and is, as the name suggests, is the black to see the sunset in Hong Kong.

How to reach Sunset Peak Hiking Trail?

You can take an MTR to Tung Chung and from there a 3M bus that will take you into Mui Wo on the island. You can also get a ferry to Mui Wo from Center Pier.

From Mui Wo, you can now walk or just take a 5-minute taxi up to Pak Kun Au. Here, you must lookout for the lush picnic site. This is where you’ll find the signposts for Lantau Trail Stage 2 and Sunset Peak, marking the beginning of Hike.

2. Lantau Peak Hiking Trail

This is the second-highest peak in Hong Kong at 934 meters. The trail shares much with Sunset Peak Hiking Trail in the neighbor of which it is located.

At the top of Lantau Peak, there is the grand Big Buddha statue and monastery, which is an awesome place to click some snaps and grab some food. And you can take the Ngong Ping cable car back down the mountainside and enjoy some more incredible sights along the way.

The hike is rendered different from incline along the way but rendered somewhat easier by the paved paths which form most of the trail.

How to reach Lantau Peak Hiking Trail?

The starting point is between Mui Wo and Tung Chung and can be reached by taking the MTR to Tung Chung or Mui Wo and then you must cover some distance on foot or get a lift.

3. Dragon’s Back Hike

Located on the southern side of Hong Kong island, Dragon’s Back Peak has been declared the best urban hike in the whole continent Asia by Time Magazine. It is also the hike that you are most likely to be recommended to take if you ask the locals.

There is nothing urban-like despite what Time says about this trail except for the fact that it is so deceptively close to Hong Kong’s skyscrapers. Despite being so close to the urban world though, nature breathes freely on this hike and spreads its beauty freely. Along the trail, you will be greeted by stunning views of Clearwater Bay and a number of uninhabited islands of the South China Sea.

The ridges of Shek O forms this 4-hour long Hike and Shek O rests on the end of this trail. Shek O is a small village with a few bars and restaurants as well as a couple of excellent beaches. The cherry on the cake – you can try surfing here. The only place in whole Hong Kong where you can do that. You can also try paragliding or try flying kites.

How to reach Dragon’s Back Hike Trail?

You can reach the Dragon’s Back by taking the omnibus from Shau Kei Wan MTR to Tei Wan. From there, the trail is 1 kilometer uphill on the road and some signs stand announcing it.

4. The ‘Peak’ Hike

If you are in for a rather challenging hike, the “Peak” Hike is one for you. The spot is highly recommended locally and highly loved by tourists too. However, tourists are mostly dependent on trams that land them directly at peak. However, the pleasure-driven from panoramic sights Peak offers are far superior if you reach thereafter that challenging hike that precedes it.

The challenging hike has to offer is mostly exhausting effort needed on this hike that inclines heavily upward. You can, of course, take the tram on your way back.

How to reach the Victoria Peak Hike?

Though there are a number of ways to reach it, we recommend is starting from the grounds of the University of Hong Kong.

5. Lion Rock Trail Hike

Next in our list of 8 best hiking trails is Lion Rock Trail Hike. The trail gets the name from Lion Rock Country Park. This park forms part of the MacLehose Trail, which crosses the New Territories from east to west.

The most difficult trail in this list challenges you with hard peak climbs on stone tracks or off-road tracks but you are rewarded with some of the most stunning views of New Territories not to be found elsewhere. You will really need to be for this one as the not only trail is hard but you must also make your way back down.

How to reach Lion Rock Trail Hike?

Take a taxi to Gilwell Campsite that runs across Beacon Hill and ends at Tai Po Road. There are several other points too from where you can jump in.

6. Lamma Island Family Trail Hike

Lantau Island is already featured in our list for two hiking trails. The island full of lust greenery is free of traffic or vehicles of all kinds. Though you can take a ferry to the island; there is also the option of the Family Trail hike. This beautiful trail makes its through the island’s green interiors that lies between the two main villages of Yung Shu Wan and Sok Kwu Wan. Yung Shue Wan is the capital of the island and has a few bars. Sok Kwu Wan village is famous for its seafood restaurants. There are also a couple of beeches on this really easy trail.

How to reach Lamma Island Family Trail Hike?

A ferry can be taken from central ferry piers to Yung Shu Wan where the trail starts at the end of the single main street. From Sok Kwu Wan you can take a ferry for your way back – you must check if one is available before starting as ferries here are infrequent.

7. Tai Mo Shan Hiking Trail

An extinct volcano, it is famous for its green tea. At 957 meters, it is the highest point in Hong Kong. Aside from panoramic views of Kowloon reservoirs, Truen Wan skyline, and mainland China; some cows and snakes can also be spotted.

How to reach Tai Mo Shan Hiking Trail

To get to the starting point, you must take the MTR red line to Tsuen Wan, Kwai Hing, or Tai Wo Hau Station and from there hire a cab to Lead Mine Pass.

8. Tai Long Wan Honking Trail

Last in our list of 8 best hiking trails is Tai Long Wan Honking Trail. Leave early if you want to cover it in a day. This 12-kilometer Long trail starts at the end of Sai Wan and takes you through beautiful coves like that of Sai Wan and Chek Keng. If you don’t like crowds, it will be the perfect destination for a getaway as it’s still relatively unknown to tourists. Tai Long also boosts of 4 immensely beaches. It is also an amazing camping sight. For conventional hotels go to Sai Wan or Ham Tin.

How to reach Tai Wan Honking Trail?

To reach the starting point, you must take the village bus 29R at Chan Man Rd (the stop is in front of McDonald’s) to Sai Wan Ting (which literally means West Bay Pagoda) from where you can start the trail.

This is all from us. We hope this helps you in choosing your hiking trail next time you visit Hong Kong.

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