A Foodie evening at Ocean Deck Resort

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During my recent trips to Karwar, I got to experience the amazing home stay at Ocean Deck Resort. It is a beautiful island that truly depicts home away from home. Though due to lack of time, I thought to drop the idea of going there, but after hearing so much about the place, I went, and must say, my food journey would have been incomplete, if I wouldn’t have come there. What makes this place more unique and offers comfortable stay is bcoz to its owner Mr.Vinay, who is always energized and ensures the best stay for his customers. Review here is based on my stay, food and definitely quick conversations with the people staying. The place is easily accessible with Dabolim airport at a distance of 100Kms. Pick & Drop can be arranged on request. Here are highlights of the place as experienced by me.
1) If you want to experience a homestay in Karwar, this is the place you would want to be. Listed in lonely planet, for its amazing location and hospitality, this place is always the top choice for repeat guests at Karwar.
2) Since the homestay is just 5 Kms away from Karwar Museum , Devbagh beach and 60 Km away from Gokarna Beach, there are ample places to roam around, if you have a weekend in hand and you are eager to explore the in and around the place.


3) If you are foodie, nothing can beat them in Karwar. I happen to eat vegetarian variants, which I have never heard of. Be it Karela chakri or fried bhindis, everything has its own charm. Lime water was super with perfect blend of lemon and sugar to quench your thirst. I wish I could pack some. Sea-food is good and place is heaven for sea-food lovers. During your stay, you can do fishing and can get the same for dinner. Apparently, all you need is to order for the fish you would like to eat and you can have the same in your scrumptious meal.

DSC_6095   DSC_6093


4) The place is run by the Mr.Vinay who acts as host, chef, and waiter. He stays there itself and ensures that all his guests are being taken care of properly. This is what makes the place all the more experiential and your stay more memorable.


5) The place provides plethora of activities wherein you can indulge yourself. They include Machine boat ride, beach trekking, Kayaking, wooden boat ride, river crossing, fishing.



6) Free access to Wi-fi. You can remain connected to your folks all the time and can share live updates while making them jealous

7) The place is completely in the lap of nature, with a beautiful setting. Backwaters and Devbagh beach make the place more serene and photogenic.

8) Accommodation ranges from suites to fishermen’s room. They are well-furnished with all basic amenities in them.

9) Campfires are arranged every evening upon nightfall and are a great way to relax and soak yourself in the lap of nature.

10) It is indeed value for money, that gives you the opportunity to get lost in nature.
Being a nature lover and foodie together, this place is surely my personal recommendation to those who are looking for an escape from the city buzz.
What are you waiting for? Plan your upcoming weekend to Karwar and get your bookings from Ocean Deck or call Mr. Vinay at +91-9342994358 or write to them at bookings@oceandeck.org

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