A spiritual journey of Akshardham that takes you through the glorious past of the country

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Swaminarayan Akshardham Mandir in New Delhi is an epitome of how Indian culture has evolved in last few years. The beauty, grandeur, and magnificent architecture of the temple is awe struck that leaves you in wonder. It is one of the most visited tourist places in Delhi. The visit to the temple is a spiritual experience and compels you to take a deep insight into your spiritual being.


How to reach

Delhi Metro is the easiest and safest route to reach the temple. To go to the temple, get down at Akshardham station which on the blue line. The temple is located at NH24 and is at a walking distance from this station.

What to experience

The main complex of the temple is dedicated to Lord Swaminarayan, who is believed to be an incarnation of a Hindu god, Vishnu. The number of Hindu visitors confirms the fact that that Akshardham temple has become a popular pilgrim center for them. However, keeping aside the spiritual and religious aspect of the temple, the innocent beauty is topped by a magnificent architectural brilliance. The temple perfectly showcases what India stands for when it comes to art, beauty, spirituality and the core essence of being a human.
In a ritual named Nilkanth Varni abhishek, prayers are offered to establish peace in the world. The water used in this tradition has been collected from almost 151 holy rivers, lakes and ponds of the country.




Hall of values – Held in hall 1, this is a show that uses film techniques and robotics to let the audience know how important it is to maintain peace in the world to sustain order. The show is extremely popular among school children for getting an educational benefit and entertained at the same time.

Giant screen film – A mid-length film that runs for about 40 minutes uses an 11 years old boy as the narrator as he explains the audience the history of the country. He hits the informational and educational chords just right. The film beautifully uses sounds, images, and videos in order to showcase the art, beauty and the festivals that are celebrated across the country.

Cultural boat ride – A boat ride that contains the essence of the country eventually takes you on a voyage across time and space. Even if you know everything about the glorious past of the country, you will be awed to see what more it has in store for you. From the ancient discoveries made by Indian mathematicians, scientists and inventors, and the first university in the world, Takshila University, it will surely fill your heart with pride to be born and brought up in such a great country.


The temple remains closed on Mondays and on rest of the days the first entry takes place at 9:30 AM and goes on until 6:30 PM.

Photography and usage of mobiles aren’t allowed, hence, keep those gadgets at home.

The epitome of beauty, the Akshardham temple is Delhi’s shining jewel in the crown. So now you know where to plan and go this weekend.

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