A string of three miniscule desert islands, Gilli Islands are known for their laidback feel and unique appeal

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Bali, in the past few decades, has become a mecca for the backpackers who leave their homes in search of a foreign exotic and mysterious land. Bali fits the bill perfectly and the Gilli Islands located nearby, are just mesmerizing. As the tourist’s number is increasing every year, the place is getting more and more traditional but still, for the sightseeing purposes, you still need to walk on your feet, for there is no motor vehicle allowed on this land, consisting of three wonderful islands.

Get in

There are no airports in Gilli Islands. The nearest airport is in the mainland Lombok located in Bali. So, in order to reach the Gilli Islands, reach Bali first, do some sightseeing such as visit Uluwatu, Bali’s most important sea temple. You can also visit the Ubud Art Market to find beautiful silk scarves and handmade woven bags. In the end, take a boat ride to Gilli Island

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Gilli 1.

Things to do

There are no motorcars allowed on the island. In order to cover longer distances, you need to book a horse cart. They are available for rent all over the island.

So, let’s see what is about the Gilli Island that impresses the tourists most.

Scuba Diving- Water Sports are religiously practiced here. There are pretty good diving spots around the island which are pretty good for the diving purposes and makes you feel alive underwater among all the beauty scattered around in form of colorful fishes and other sea creatures.

Free Diving- There are many different places on the islands which train the tourists on the free diving and if done correctly, it can prove to be far more enriching an experience than, done under supervision, scuba diving.

Yoga- The locales are known to be ardent yoga followers. Doing Aasans in the middle of such pristine land is nothing short of magnificent. Join the yoga classes and learn to be fit and healthy inside out.

Surfing-Although there are not many places for the surfers on the islands but the tourists can be seen here and there trying their hands at it. The ocean is a bit calmed down to make it not so ideal for surfing.


Gili Trawangan is most suitable and has always had the stigma of being the party place. There are big party nights happening on Mondays at Blue Marlin, Wednesdays at Tir Na Nog or simply known as the Irish Pub and even on Fridays at Rudy’s.

Horseback ride

Horse rides may not be a preferred activity for everyone but suitable for families or couples. Riding along the beach at sunset and partly in the water is a great activity suited to more practiced riders. Stud Stables there have experienced guides and well-kept horses.

Visit the night market

Gili Trawangan night market is the main dining spot where you can eat well and cheaply. The night market opens just before sunset daily at the market square in front of the boat pier on Gili Trawangan. It’s impossible to miss the variety! The local warungs there sell various specialties such as fresh fish, seafood, Sate of all kinds, various rice and noodle dishes, grilled corn on the cob and much more.

Relax- This may seem a bit irrational, but one of the best experiences on the island is that it makes you relaxed down to your core. Relaxation is one key factor, combined with yoga and the pristine virginal nature, feels like heaven.


Turtle sanctuary- Sanctuaries has been set up in the islands to preserve the endangered species of turtles. Along with it, some beautiful species can also be seen in their natural habitat roaming around in the well-established sanctuaries.

Sunset on the hills- Gilli Trawangan Island has a few hills that give out a great panoramic view of the area and the visual of sunset is amazing. Do come here.



Taste the amazing seafood and other Asian cuisines in the places like Ana Cafe, Juku, Karma Kayak and Manta cafe.


There are hotels for almost every budget option. Some affordable options could be Pondok Lita, The beach house, and Gili Villas.

Although, every time a year is the best time to give Gilli islands a visit, between June to September is considered the best. So, now you know what to do the next monsoon!

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