A walk through Singapore Botanical Garden

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Singapore Botanical Garden

We have always liked wandering through the garden, indulging in the serene atmosphere, watching trees and flowers as we became one with nature. We used to think that gardens almost everywhere look a lot alike. It was only after we started traveling around the world that we found such beautiful gardens that disillusioned us from our beliefs. Singapore Botanical garden was one such garden. Hot and humid to some extent, but magnificent with its beauty. 

We went to the garden early in the morning for a walk and also because we thought the atmosphere would be a bit cooler in the morning. We entered through the main gate called Tanglin Gate and started walking towards the north. As we reached the MRT station at Bukit Timah Gate, we saw the list of places we could visit inside the garden. We spent half the day in the garden itself, exploring and clicking pictures. We noticed as the weather started getting warmer and warmer. Before coming to the garden, we had already heard a lot about it. Singapore Botanical garden is one of the three gardens in the world that is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site

 Bukit Timah Gate

Our first-morning sight included watching groups of old folks gathered in the garden for some everyday exercises. Many other groups also came early in the morning for Yoga, work-out and what not. On our walk in the Botanical garden, we saw many spectacular spots. 

The National Orchid Garden is the only spot in the entire garden that has an entrance fee, but it is gorgeous enough to be worth the money. The Orchid garden consists of many gardens, some of which are indoor. We saw different species of orchids and even some hybrid orchids. We also saw Singapore’s National Flower, the Vanda.

 As we escaped the harsh Singapore heat, we entered the Cool House.  We also saw the Celebrity Orchid Garden which was quite interesting. It had the orchids named after popular celebrities and VIPs. The VIP gardens were located right behind the Burkin Hall. Many international dignitaries that had visited the gardens would have an orchid named after them inside this garden. These VIPs included Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Diana, Margaret Thatcher and many more. 

We also went inside Burkhill Hall and Bromeliad house. The former was black and white while the latter contained hanging vines. 

The Singapore Botanical garden is huge and it even has an entire rainforest inside it. The tropical rainforest is spread over 14 acres. We found out that this rainforest was older than the garden and the people running the garden are ensuring that it is preserved. Singapore Botanical garden is one of the two places in the world which actually has a tropical rainforest in its limits. We were lucky enough to walk around there and have a feel of what actual tropical rainforests must be like. It was quite an authentic experience for us. 

The garden is usually hosting events almost all the time and even while we were there, groups were huddled together for tours and walks. We had checked online for some music or event at the time when we were visiting but unfortunately the next event was a month afterward. We had conversations with other tourists as well and they were all awe-struck by the mesmerizing beauty of the garden.

As we wandered inside the garden, we also came across Jacob Ballas Children Garden which seemed like the perfect picnic spot. It is situated at the North end of the garden and has a separate center for visitors as well as a café. There were also some educational exhibits going on inside the garden at the CDL Green Gallery regarding nature and plants. We went inside just to escape the harsh heat for a while and were pretty impressed by the little building. It had solar roof panels and the entire gallery ran on zero energy. 

We went to Swan Lake and got to feed swans and fish at the ponds around the garden. The Swan lake had beautiful stone sculptures of swans as well as some actual White Swans. The fish inside the lake were also quite big but we had to wait a long while to see one. The smaller fish just gathered together greedy for the food we were offering. 

Swan Lake

Next to the Swan Lake is The Dell which is an almost forgotten area of the garden filled with thick ferns. 

We entered the Botany center next through the Tanglin gate. Firstly, the gate itself is a spectacle with its silver door that has leaf green motifs. Inside there were two new buildings that were apparently a Library of Botany and a Herbarium. 

Near the Botany Centre, there is a curtain of reddish-brown roots draped over the ceiling of the walkaway. It created quite a creepy aura but looked magnificent in pictures. The next spot was Bandstand which was surrounded by trees with little yellow flowers on them. When the wind blew, those flowers swirled in the air like the scene of a romantic Bollywood Movie. We actually saw a wedding couple in Bandstand, ready for a photoshoot. 

Near the Bandstand, there is a Bonsai garden. Our focus, however, shifted from the diverse ranges of bonsai to the fish sculptures that were interesting to look at. All around the garden, there are so many places which are perfect for pictures. We had a great time clicking flowers, cacti and even ourselves among the trees. 

We also saw the Green pavilion which is a green roof covered entirely with plants, herbs and weed. At that point, we were already hungry as it was afternoon.  We had lunch at a restaurant which was in the Basement of the Green Pavillion and is a perfect place to munch and see the beauty of Singapore Botanic Garden. It was called Food for Thought. 

food for thought


After having some food in our tummy, we went exploring once again. The one place which is not to be forgotten is the Fragrant garden. The natural aromatherapy that we experienced inside there is inexplicable. It has white flowers all around and also trees with huge roots. Some of the roots reached up to our waist. We saw the biggest trees we had seen in our entire lives there. 

There is a serene stream near the Tanglin gate. The entire area is covered with yellow and red Saraca trees and the stream trail flows right in the middle of it. So, the stream is called Saraca Stream as well. The area is quite shaded and so we wished we had gone there during the peak afternoon to relax but the place was just as relaxing in the evening as well. The calm flowing of the stream made us realize why one spends time in gardens in the first place. It made us forget the noisiness of the city.


After a while, as it started getting dark, we decided to leave the place, only to realize on the way out that the garden remains open until midnight every day. So, we got back to the ‘Food for thought’ café and saw the night view of the Singapore Botanical gardens while clicking a lot of pictures as well.

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