Amour gets brownie points for its ambience and the art of presenting food with love

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Amour Bistro located in New Delhi is one of those classy places that don’t boast off a complex and massive menu card.  Tucked away safely in the leafy climate of a sweet and tiny Malcha Marg in Chanakyapuri, the place has always been successfully attracting the classiest of people who have overtime become their regular customers. All thanks to the impeccable services and class that oozes out of every corner of the little place. It doesn’t really believe in showing off, it sticks so the modern European style of cooking and seeing the crowd here, we could assume that it sets well with the locales in a great way.

The timings of the restaurants are between 8 AM to 12 PM everyday and given the classiness of the place, it could be little heavy on your pocket. The average cost for two people enjoying their food at the place is about INR 3000. But it’s all definitely worth it.


Also open for the breakfast, the overall interior of the place is quite rustic and down to earth. The place has been made in such a way that it reminds you of a small country side cafe adorned with flowers. The interiors decoration is classy and people having a slightly above average artistic inclinations will find Amour more appealing. Empty wine bottles, coarse wooden furniture and the slight dash of greenery makes the place justifying its name, which is a French word for Love. The ambience is further romanticized by the aroma of fresh cheese and flowers, making it a perfect spot for dating and romantic getaways for an evening. With the wood furnishing and dim lighting, your experience will always be a romantic one. You can also try the open sitting and enjoy the lake view if the weather is pleasant.

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Taking the European food culture to a whole new level, Amour seems to be trying to introduce Indians to how the food culture goes back in Europe, especially France. The charred mushrooms, which we found out on the menu, were just as we expected, delicious as hell. It was served with spring onions, broccoli, and condensed tomatoes. That, along with the garlic bread melted in our mouths and provided our taste buds with an experience that would stay in there for a very long time. We also ordered the Crostini Bread for starters which made a really nice sharing starter.
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Along with that, the salads are intoxicating as well. Green beans salad with broccoli and lettuce was mind blasting and despite being a pure vegetarian dish, it didn’t let us down when it comes to the taste. Amaretto cake was what we had for the dessert and our meal finally was done in the most delicious way possible. In the end, we tried the soft and moreish Toffee Cake which served as a warm and comforting twist to the day.

Tip: For the ones not that acquainted with the European food, can ask the super friendly staff for help. They are helpful and could guide you through the different ingredients used in a particular meal.


The restaurant chefs like to experiment a lot. There is inclusion of new dishes every few weeks and most of their tests are quite spot on. That gives out another reason to make a stop at Amour every few weeks.


The restaurant oozes out love from every small corner of it. Try it for a romantic getaway!

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