Auroville – An Experiment

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Humanity has somehow survived right up to this point. The world is full of so many evils such as wars, famine, diseases, communal violence etc. which act as a threat to humanity as the whole. Located primarily in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu with some parts of it extending right up to Pondicherry, Auroville too is known as the Dawn of Humanity for all the right reasons. In order to reach here, one has to take a car ride from the Chennai international airport that will get them here in a few hours. It falls about 150 kilometers south of Chennai.

Auroville, a universal township in the making  is a dwelling place for a population of up to 50,000 people from around the world. The concept of Auroville reaches out to human unity and transformation of consciousness. The first and only internationally endorsed ongoing experiment in human unity point out to sustainable living and anyone with idealistic leanings will certainly love this ‘the City of Dawn’. The community is dedicated to future cultural, environmental, social and spiritual needs of mankind where people from across the globe join hands together to build a universal, cash-free, non-religious township and recognize good old human unity.

The project came alive in the year 1968. The inauguration ceremony was held on 28th February 1968, when about 5000 people along with 124 representatives from different countries gathered here under the huge banyan tree. The people from different countries bought soils from their lands and put in a marble urn, which now rests at the focal point of the amphitheater.


Auroville is known as the one and only such project in the entire world and the concept of it has been supported by almost every other country in the world. The sustainable living, the cultural and social structure of the present world is all studied here. Auroville has maintained its distance from the happenings of the outside world and the people living here belief in the concept of one universal subconscious mind aspect. They believe in harmony among the individuals and propose the very idea that on the basic level, we are all the same person.

The present population of the area is about 2400; with almost one-third of them are Indians. The place has been divided into a few parts based on the functions.

Peace Area- The peace area lies at the very center and is having the Matri mandir as a place for worship. The amphitheater carrying the urn from the different soils is also located here. The atmosphere is calm in here, perfect for relaxation.


Industrial Zone- To the north of the peace area is the industrial zone, the center of self-sustainment of the people here.

Residential Zone- Covering an area of 189 hectares, the residential zone is the biggest of all in the place. The 50-50 ratio is maintained between nature and the residential housings and other institutions.

Cultural Zone- Spread across an area of 93 hectares, the cultural zone is the center of the artistic expressions of the people residing here. The arts and crafts centers of the entire township are located here.


The idea for the township came back in the year 1930 as the world was still shaking from the horrors of the First World War. The concept was unique and was initially rejected but gained support over time and now we are here. The township is growing day by day and the numbers of residents are on an all time high.

Auroville is a quiet and calm place known for its wide open roads full of all natural looks. You can enjoy a guided tour of the place where a well-experienced guide will take you through all the attractions of the place such as Matrimandir and Pitanga cultural center. One can collect passes from the office at Visitors’ centre for entry into the Matrimandir.

The sports activities such as volleyball and tennis are also very popular among the people here who are known to be quite health freaks and way too much of different types of outdoor activities.



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