Bagdara Wildlife Sanctuary: An Awesome Experience

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Madhya Pradesh is emerging as an alternative tourism hotspot standing apart from conventionally popular tourist destinations. And for very good reasons, It has so much to offer – temples, wildlife, indigenous garment industry which has receives fame all over the country. Today, we shall talk about one of the many pleasures it has to offer – Bagdara Wildlife Sanctuary. This sanctuary is located in the Sidhi District of the state. Established in 1978, it spreads over an area of about 478 sq. kms.

The sanctuary is home to over a hundred species of flora and fauna. Among plants you will find here,  tall teak trees, mango groves, orchids gigantic creepers, etc are predominant. It boasts of a number of wild animals including Tiger, Panther, Deer, Sambhar, Hyenas, Chinkara, Cheetal, Wild Boar, Black Buck along with an incredible diversity of birds.

How to reach Bagdara Wildlife Sanctuary?

The nearest airport to Bagdara Wildlife Sanctuary is at Khajuraho, from where you can take the bus. The nearest railhead is at Rewa while Sindhi Bus station is the nearest station. The self-petrol or diesel vehicles are the primary means of transportation within the sanctuary. These vehicles are not yet five years and add splendidly to the experience.

When to visit Bagdara Wildlife Sanctuary?

The time from November to June is good to visit the sanctuary. Though given Madhya Pradesh’s climate, we recommend the winter season – that is, November to February.

Our visit to Bagdara Wildlife Sanctuary

We arrived at Sanctuary and were greeted by beautiful dry deciduous mixed forest cover. We hired a vehicle and were quickly on our way exploring the abundance of the wildness of the sanctuary. We had some beginner’s luck as we came across a couple of deer our having their breakfast.

However, this bit of good luck was followed by two hours of dryness excepting some sighting of the birds. Just when we thought it was getting boring though we were greeted by a sight of a tiger on his way to someplace in all the splendidness and coolness that only this royal animal could boost. We also had the luck of coming across a Black Buck toward the evening.

We spent the night in a Suit within the Sanctuary playing antakshari with other tourists and left the day after.

Where to stay in or around Bagdara Wildlife Sanctuary?

Two cool suites are available in the Bagdara wildlife sanctuary for accommodation – we ourselves stayed in one of these and we highly recommend that you do not miss the experience of spending a night in the wilderness. There is also a forest rest house.

Places around Bagdara Wildlife Sanctuary

The benefits of visiting the Bagdara Wildlife Sanctuary are not limited to the Sanctuary itself. A number of other attractions, including some other sanctuaries, are located nearby. We highly recommend visiting the Goura Hillock which has some splendid rock paintings.

Some tips

  1. Please do not litter in the Sanctuary.
  2. Visit the Goura Hillock and check out the rock paintings while you are here. You may also be interested in other sanctuaries nearby.
  3. Try to find accommodation within the sanctuary to get the best out of the trip.

That is all from us here at Ghoomophiro. Have you been to Bagdara Wildlife Sanctuary? How was your experience? Please do tell us in the comments below. 🙂

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