Big Chill reminds you of the glorious days of Hollywood

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Although, Big Chill, being a successful cafe chain that it is, has opened up quite a lot of outlets in Delhi alone, the one in Khan Market happens to be the most popular ones. It’s different from the rest and makes for an amazing treat to your senses. Big Chill Khan Market makes for the most amazing place for people who crave for casual western food. The film poster plastered bistro is infinitely amazing and the pasta is deliciously hearty.

The place is located in the crowded Khan Market and other major places. INR 700 is the average cost per person.


Well, the theme of the restaurant is not very unique internationally, but talking about Delhi, it would be almost impossible to find a place like this. The walls are full of some classic old and new Hollywood films. The owners of the place do seem to be great Hollywood buffs. It would be a treat to the ardent fans of the American cinema as it would be a fun thing to spot your favorite classics over the innumerable posters. The tables and the chairs are comfortable to sit in. Although what attracted me the most, personally, was the lighting inside the place, which may seem normal to most, but being a film buff, I am pretty sure they are modeled on the neo-noir classics from the golden era of Hollywood. Maybe, the place takes me to the era itself, but that is what I honestly felt. Overall, the beautiful brick-laid, green interiors and prettily framed movie posters of yesteryears right from Casablanca to Hitchcock’s Psycho to James Bond bring all the charm to this place.

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For the ones who don’t know much about the impossibly huge menu items in general, it may take them about half an hour to decide what to eat. The place deals mostly in the continental, Italian and European cuisines. Out of the diverse options, we had, the ones that instantly became our favorites were Garlic Bread with cheese, four season pizza, and the exquisitely amazing pasta.

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Talking about the beverages, if you happen to be here some time, never forget to try Banana smoothie, it is something to die for. Brownie shake and hot chocolate also are amazing per say, but the banana smoothie will take you to another level of taste.

The desserts served here seem to have more options than the actual menu. Of all of them, the specific ones which we loved were waffles, blueberry cheesecake, and oreo cheesecake.

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The place is a perfect destination for the pizza and creamy pasta lovers and that is the biggest highlight in itself. There are no other places in Khan Market that come even nearby to Big Chill when it comes to that.

Big Chill is now a reputed name that is synonymous with quality, efficiency, taste and more than that, trustworthiness. This is what has earned the place a loyal customer base. Very few places serve your taste buds the way Big Chill does. So, grab your friends and head to this splendid place.

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