Bikes and great food! It doesn’t get better than this at Biker’s Cafe

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The Biker’s Cafe

Over the years, the themed restaurants have been growing in number at a frantic pace in Delhi-NCR. One other highly popular addition to the list is the Biker’s Cafe, which is supposed to be sort of a dreamland for the bike enthusiasts. And entering the place once makes it pretty much justifies the christening of the place. The cafe is full of jargons only the bikers would understand, even the menu items are named after the words that avid bikers would definitely identify with.


The place is located at Golf course road in Gurgaon at MGF Emaar building and in Vasant Kunj The average cost for two people is Rs. 1250 approx including alcohol.


The decor inside the cafe revolves around the theme of the bikers and so the place just seems like a heaven for the bikers.  Although the ladies are not a part of the‘biker community’ much often, they seem to enjoy themselves here equally well. The best thing about the place is that being situated on the Golf Course road; it’s a great hangout place for people working nearby.

With the chairs made of bike seats and suspensions plus the parts of some of the best bikes from all around the globe hanging and sitting here, there and all around the cafe, the ambience inside is quite attractive and well thought out. You may never find a place that takes the ‘theme concept’ all this seriously. Even the lights resemble the headlights of the motorcycles and sitting on the chairs in front of the tables will let you know the meaning of the term ‘A biker’s delight’.


Like many other themed places in the city, there is no case of ‘all style no substance’. The amount of efforts that has been put in to make the food extraordinary is there. The cafe deals with a wide variety of cuisines, ranging from the Chinese, Continental, and North Indian to the Italian food. The food items and the drinks have been named quirkily. There are some eccentric drinks with names such as The Eye Opener, The Elixir of Youth and the Muscle Soother. The menu card reeks of coolness from all over it.


biker 2

There are all the different varieties of coffees and teas, a make from the best beans and tea leaves imported from the best plantations in the country.

The food items are no less than excellent with options such as hakka noodles, pizzas and burgers along with some hardcore desi meals such as Kadhai Paneer, Palak Paneer, and Dum Aloo with naan and tawa roti. The veg tandoori platter, the spinach kebabs, and the Bombay sandwich are worth a try. The blueberry smoothie can compliment your dining experience well.

As we have mentioned above, the menu is exhaustive and you need to know your way through it.


The memorabilia of some of the best and some cool retro bikes seems to be the biggest highlight of the cafe. All day breakfast option makes it a great place to hangout with your group.

Based on the bikers theme and with Harley at their front entry, the restaurant gives you a true sportsman feel and deserves at least one visit from the ardent bike lovers.

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