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As an avid traveler, the biggest challenge for me to find the best deals and minimize my monetary losses. While going for various travel discussions, biggest travel hack I talk about is finding deals, coupons, redeeming points etc. In this digital shopping era, where we want to do everything online, Couponz guru is a fresh initiative in discounted coupons area. Though there are many in this domain, but why I liked this one is for its ease of use and many, which you would realize as I go further in this article.


Layout/Ease to use

Couponz guru has almost all categories of coupons starting from Online shopping coupons, Travel coupons & Restaurant coupons. This exhaustive list of coupons acts as differentiating factor amongst others. Bank offers on a deal site is a rare sight, but coupounzguru has this as well, which is delight to eyes. The coupons & deals are all put down in a vertical order is easy to read them and choose the coupon you looking for. At the end of the page there is a section called Store List that will take you to a page where all the brands they have are available.The best feature I liked is the details about how to use the coupons. This description is important as most of the time user tends to loose interest once they get lost. But the detailed description helps them to navigate site properly. Once you choose the coupon, coupon details are revealed. You can activate the same by copying it.Another thing that works is, all coupon works, unlike few sites, where it shows expired coupons too.


Last but not least, I agree with their tag line, which says-“ A Penny Saved Is A Penny Earned”.



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