12 hrs in Dubai

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One crazy city, Dubai is one most important business center of United Arab Emirates. Being an Islamic city primarily, the sheer variety of different races, communities, and ethnicities is quite surprising, unlike any other Islamic republic in the world. Dubai is known to be a place of opportunities, no wonder why almost entire south Asia is in some way obsessed with Dubai. With Arabic as the official language, the city has made its name for the exotic lifestyle that people over here are known to lead. With a population of around 21 lakhs, the city is one of the most populated cities in the country.

Dubai is the fastest growing international business hub and a very attractive tourist destination. The tourism industry has almost doubled up in the past few years ever since the city has come to limelight. Up until a few years ago, Dubai wasn’t as much popular but thanks to the social media, where the flamboyant lifestyles of business tycoons here were widely advertised, it has given rise to a curiosity about the place. Other than the wild and flamboyant lifestyle of people living here, there is so much more and more about the city that is leading its tourism industry to grow at a rapid pace. Burj Khalifa isn’t the only attraction in the city, you see.

Dubai Marina- Get a good glimpse into the future, as you walk down the Dubai Marina, world’s largest Marina that was made by men. These happen to be some of the world’s tallest buildings with luxurious amenities. Dubai Marina yacht club arranges for you to see the beauty at its best from the water as you sail through.


Desert- At about a 20 minutes ride from what we can call is a futuristic city, is the beautiful Arabian Desert. A desert safari will take you around and you need to beware of the sandstorms though. The camel rides, henna, and barbecues are dreamy at this place.

dessert Dubai

Burj Khalifa- Here comes the biggie, at 828 meters, stands Burj Khalifa. The tower takes over Dubai’s skyline and is known to be the world’s tallest tower. View of Dubai’s surroundings from the top floor is majestically breathtaking.


The Dubai Mall- Right next to the Khalifa, stands the Dubai Mall. Comparing it with some other shopping mall is an injustice. There are 1200 plus shops and above 150 restaurants and yes, it’s so huge that you can’t see it full in just a day.


Palm Jumeirah- Palm Jumeirah is a man-made island which has been shaped as a palm tree. It’s the world’s largest manmade island and a glimpse into what human mind is capable of artistically. The island is connected with a tram through the city, coming here is quite easy as well.Dubai is the city of dreams, not just for the richer ones, but for everybody. So whether it’s a romantic getaway with your partner or a family trip, the city welcomes you with her open arms, all ready to embrace you.

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