Exotic places to Visit with Your Better Half in India

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Spending some quality time with your significant other is not only fun, but it can also be a great chance to connect with them on a spiritual level. And if the surroundings happen to be good and moody, that’s just icing on the cake. However, there are many places in India, where the married couples and the committed ones do visit commonly such as Shimla, Manali, and Rishikesh. But there are still many unexplored places in the country which are as beautiful as the above-mentioned spots, if not more. So, start packing up, because here we go!

Mashobra- A little far away from all the crowds and chirps of Shimla lays this little haven of silence known as Mashobra. This is somehow different from other romantic places around the country. The wild strawberries, orchids and most importantly, the calm around the area makes for a perfect romantic getaway with your partner. Try the cuisines here or just walk around the place hand in hand; this will spark the innermost wild romantic that lies inside you.


Singinawa, MP- When one arrives here, they feel something paranormal stuff going on in there. The reason for the feeling is the romantic vibes that flow here like anything. The picture perfect place is one of the most criminally underrated holiday destinations for the couples. But given that we have tried to make it come to the mainstream light, you may as well give it a chance. Singinawa is my personal recommendation for all those looking for new year bash.


Triund- Have you ever in your felt in your life that you are walking on the clouds? Maybe in a pleasant dream some time, but it becomes so real in a place like this. Located at about 15 kilometers away from McLeodGanj, Triund is the dream of every nature lover. The trek here is tiring at 4 hours time, but it surely is worth a shot with your lover walking beside you.

Kerala Backwaters- The ultimate heaven on the planet, Kerala is the south Indian state full of lustful beauty. The untouched natural beauty is at its very best here. There are many romantic places here from the beaches to the resorts, but what takes the cake are the backwaters in Kerala. A backwater in the evening light is just the thing that you always wanted, but you were unaware of that. This is the beauty at its best and the true love you have for your girlfriend/boyfriend gets more purified here in the arms of beautiful landscapes.


Imphal- The eastern India still remains mostly unexplored by the mainstream, but people who come here knows what most of the country has been missing. The beautiful lush green hills make it a wonderful place to cuddle with your lover and talk for hours. The place is known as the Jewel of India, and you are likely to visit the place again, such is the charm of this little heaven.


When it comes to love, everything is fair. So, taking leave from the offices and steal a trip to one of those places may cost you some money. But it will all be worth it and more.

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