Experience the enticing flavors of authentic Indian cuisine at Diya, The Leela Ambience

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What’s Hot?

Specially designed to the delight of every palate, Diya at the Leela Ambience is a true North Indian restaurant. From the ambiance of the restaurant to the class apart hospitality, everything is inviting about the place. Step through the metal-frame rosewood doors into the land of exotic flavors and get mesmerized by the contemporary setting of the restaurant. You won’t be surprised to know that some of the bestselling dishes from the menu are prepared by their in-house celebrity chef, Kunal Kapur. Now, who won’t want to go there?



Considering the ease of accessibility to the crowd of both the cities, Diya at the Leela Ambience is located on Delhi-Gurgaon border in Ambience Mall. The mall is located away from the resident zone to avoid the traffic congestion of the city. So, it won’t be a hard time for anyone to reach here.
Don’t forget to try

The signature dishes to try are dal makhani which is heavily loaded with makhan, khattey meethey kofte and Nalli Korma. Baigan ki katli, gilawat ke kebab are good to try as starters. Another not to miss dish is crispy shredded mutton served with assortment of chutneys, the two special ones are peanut-eggplant, and tamarind-dates.



Diya_Food 3
Each dish prepared is unique in itself, and shows creativity not only in terms of the assortment of ingredients but also presentation. Don’t forget to try the Indian mustard-flavoured delicacy, the Kasundi Salmon Tikka. It is as mouth watering as it sounds.
The assortment of desserts is endless; your meal would be considered incomplete if you get up from your place without trying their sweet dish. It is rightly said; keep the good things for the last. Try their Matka kesar pista kulfi, a homemade ice cream with flavor of saffron and nuts, for the healthier option you can even go for Chukandar ka halwa, beetroot fudge.

What’s Special

Experience the dream come true moment at Diya by tasting the food personally made by the world renowned celebrity chef, Kunal Kapur. You never know when you might turn that lucky enough.

he decor of the Diya has an old traditional palace look and charm. It remains beautifully lit with dimly lit lamps around the water body along with live music, so soothing to the ears being played in the background. The restaurant is designed in such a way that can accommodate 112 guests easily.
For a private affair, there is a glass enclosed private dining space that can accommodate up to 12 guests. The another highlight of the restaurant is the live kitchen, where you can see your order being freshly made.



The price of the restaurant is slightly on the higher side which is approximately Rs. 3500 for two people, but is worth every penny spent.

Quick Tip

Make prior reservations to avoid the later hassle. In case if you are skeptical about your order, consult the chef and you won’t regret their decision.

The Verdict
One after the other, Diya has won many awards for its unabating hospitality and quality. This is what has kept its name and ranking always on the top. Stepping through the contemporary interiors of the place, accompanied with warm hospitality and soothing environment makes you feel not less than an Indian maharaja.

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