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The city of Nawabs is known for so many things that have secured a good place in the hearts of the Indians for the city. One of those many things is the delicate and tasty cuisines that get served here in the city almost everywhere from the high-end hotels and restaurants to the average street stalls. Lucknow mostly deals in the non-vegetarian food and there is no dearth of delicious options for the hardcore vegetarians as well. So, here are a few cuisines that you must try at any cost whenever you are there in the city.


Galawati Kabab– Kebabs get served here in the city in abundance. And what’s better you ask? There are more than a hundred variety of that are being served here. Out of them Galawati Kabab is the most sought after. There is a story that says that this particular recipe was so special once that it was served only to the Nawab and his family of the city. Galawati means- that melts in your mouth and it justifies its name quite perfectly. Meat and unripe papaya are used in making it and it’s something not to be missed.


Boti Kabab– The delicious meat when gets heated intensively and gets served with some of the best spices, the result is this. Although quite common in the rest of the country as well, it holds a certain charm that is unique for the Lucknowi cooks. This is one of the most popular and the most delicious recipes one can find anywhere.


Rogan Josh– Yes, for the hardcore chicken lovers, the name is enough to bring water in their mouths. Rogan Josh is one of the very few delicious items that are regular with the nonvegetarians. The very soft chicken gets mixed up with spicy curry is all you need for the night. You may have tried it a thousand times, but the one that belongs to Lucknow holds a unique charm and demands to be tried at least once.


Lucknowi Biryani– How could our list be incomplete without this! The Lucknowi biryani has many different varieties but the essence is the same all over. The rice is cooked in the fresh spices and then the chicken is added. This serves as a great mixture of mouth-watering taste and elegance. There are variants where it can be spicier on the request of the customers. To experience the real flavor of Dum Biryani, you can visit the Idris Dhaba, a small shop in the Chowk area.

Tokri Chaat– Chaat is known to be the most favorite snack for the countrymen, there are many ways to prepare it. The one that gets prepared here in Lucknow is not a lot different but it does feel tastier than the chaats prepared in any other parts of the country, especially the north India. Try Royal Café in Hazratganj, famous especially for its lip smacking basket chaat.


Lassi- To enjoy a great variety, you must visit the Sai Lassi Corner. The thick cream layer, top with dry fruits is what makes this place so special among the lassi lovers.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a foodie or not, everyone likes to eat and there is no one in the world that doesn’t get around by a delicious looking plate in front of them. Lucknowi meals are known for their taste and freshness and the best part, most of them are affordable by everyone.

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