Five Most Unexplored Beaches of Odisha

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Odisha is renowned as ‘Goa of East’ but most of the tourists visiting Odisha mostly have temples on their mind or, if not that, monuments, museums, and wildlife sanctuaries. This means that the sea beaches of the state remain ignored. Even those who have sea beaches as tourist spots of secondary attraction in their mind are contended with beaches of Puri or Konark leaving about a dozen other beaches unexplored.

Odisha has a four hundred and a sixty-kilometer long coastline on the Bay of Bengal and is home to more than a dozen sea beaches. Some of these like those at Puri, Konark, the Chilika lake are rather popular and hectic because of their proximity with tourist spots (Puri sea beach is near the Jagganath temple – one of four Dhams of Hinduism and thus attracts thousands of pilgrims, Konarak sea beach is just three kilometers away the Konark Sun temple and the Chilika Lake is itself a major tourist destination). However, that also means that these beeches are rather crowded and commercialized. To some of us, a crowded and/or commercialized beach beats the purpose of its being beach – for one goes on a beach to be able to lay back and relax and the crowd might mean too little of private space to do that. Moreover, some people only want places that are haven’t got their well-justified attention.

If any of the above is the issue with you, we now bring to you five most unexplored beaches of the Odisha. Whether you want a quiet day, go swimming or fishing or boating, these beaches offer amazing alternatives for the more popular beaches of Odisha. The Balramgadhi Beach, the Astranga Beach, the Paradeep Beach, the Pati Sonalpur Beach and Gopalpur sea beach offer you all the more natural delights that a sea beach is supposed to offer while staying away from the crowds that frequent the most popular beaches of Odisha. Moreover, many of them are such scenic beauty that they offer photography opportunities to their visitors.

Read about them and consider visiting them, they deserve far more attention than they are getting at present. Otherwise, hush! And don’t spread the word, the best part of their beauty is in their virginity – their relative (and fortunately for us) lack of beauty:

1. Balramgadhi Sea Beach

This rather quiet and peaceful beach is situated just three kilometers from Chandipur. It is the meeting place of Budhabalange with the Bay of Bengal. The beach lacks commercialization of the major beaches and offers a calm silent audience to the music of waves. Let the sea kiss your feet or just lay back and spend an evening reading a book inside the cradle of nature. You can also observe locals fishing and boating done by locals here. The tranquility you will find at this beach is simply unmatched elsewhere in Odisha, if not in India.

How to reach Balramgadhi Sea Beach?

From Chandipur, drive for three kilometers on Balramgadhi road.

2. Astranga Sea Beach

The name ‘Astranga’ means ‘color of setting sun’ and, this beach located just three hours drive from Bhubaneshwar deserves this beautiful name for the mesmerizing way in which the light of setting sun plays on its waters and the horizon. The sun itself blushes at its own beauty every evening. The scenery here is any photographer’s delight. Prince Myshkin, the protagonist of Dostoevsky ceremonial novel, ‘The Idiot’, once popularly said, “Beauty will save the world”. He might as well have been talking about this beach.

How to reach Astranga Sea Beach?

The beach is eighty kilometers from Bhubaneshwar on State Highway 13.

3. Pardeep Sea Beach

Located at the meeting point of Mahanadi and Bay of Bengal, this beach offers splendid views to its visitors besides being an important sea-port of the state. Watch the ships, boats, and streamers from the port pass by as you enjoy the passing beauty of setting sun. The blue waters kiss the sands with every wave in amazing ways – your camera will love this sea beach.

How to reach Pardeep Sea Beach?

From Bhubaneshwar, first drive to Cuttack and, from here, take Cuttack-Pardeep road. The distance is 115 kilometers.

4. Pati Sonepur Sea Beach

This beach has been more or less untouched and offers mesmerizing virgin beauty as Bahuda river finds its destination in the Bay of Bengal here. Giving you a chance to dance in the shadow of the stars and kiss in the light of the moon, this beach is an amazing place for a romantic night. Consider making this beautiful little spot can serve as your honeymoon special.

How to reach Pati Soanalpur Sea Beach?

Berhampur is the closest railroad. From Berhampur you need to drive twenty kilometers on National Highway 5.  You can Take a bus from Bhubaneshwar to reach Berhampur.

5. Gopalpur Sea Beach

Lined with coconut trees, the sea beach offers mesmerizing beauty. It also serves as a perfect adventurer’s retreat vailing swimming, surfing and sailing opportunities. You also get to see the local fisherman doing their job. The beach is just a few hours drive from Chilika lake. Despite the commercially created looks, it is not crowded and thus giving the best of both worlds. The seafood is easily available. This beach can be an amazing picnic spot and just the perfect spot if you are traveling in large groups.

How to reach Gopalpur Sea Beach?

Drive for 166 kilometers on National Highway 16 from Bhubaneshwar.

And a bonus beach just for you:

Balighai Beach

This is perhaps the calmest of all beaches of Odisha. The quiet beach is a step away from the urban noises and is the splendid place of feeling wise as you see the sunset on the horizon. The beach is perfect for a quiet beach night.

How to reach Balighai Beach?

A 73 kilometers drive from Bhubaneshwar on National Highway 316.


Please note that if you are considering exploring these beaches, we recommend having a personal vehicle at your disposal as some of these beaches can only be reached via public transport after changing several buses.

There are several other relatively unexplored beaches along the coastline of Odisha. We hope that in times to come, it will be able to attract beach tourism like Mumbai and Goa. After all, it has a far larger number of and far many more beaches than those two destinations. Do try at least one sea beach if you ever visit Odisha.

If you are on a tight schedule and sea beaches are not at the top of the list of attractions you wish to see in Odisha, we recommend you Puri or Konark sea beach which is located conveniently near to major tourist spots. However, if exquisite sea beech experience is of prime value to you, we recommend you to travel a little far to discover these unexplored beauties.

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