Folk dance from Uttrakhand

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Folk dance from Uttrakhand

Uttarakhand is famous for its beauty and ancient temples. Uttarakhand has beautiful scenery and mountain spots that gather the attention of all visitors. Folk dances represent the culture, tradition, and history of a nation. There are many folk dances of Uttrakhand. The Garhwal and Kumaon regions are especially famous for the folk dances of Uttarakhand. They represent various stories and acknowledge the people about their ancestral past. The different folk dances of Uttarakhand are as follows:

1.Pandav Nritya

The Pandav Nritya recites the ecstatic tale of five Pandava brothers of Mahabharata. It is performed mainly in the Garhwal region of Uttrakhand. It is a dance-drama performance that lasts for around 10 -12 days. It highlights the real story and deeds of the five Pandava brothers. It is an annual festival celebrated between November to February every year. These represent Indian culture and tradition. 

Pandav Nritya

2. Bhotiya Dance

The traditional tribe of Uttarakhand is known as Bhotiyas. Many men and women perform this dance highlighting the ancient culture and civilization of the Bhotiya community. It is like a death ritual performed by the community. According to traditional beliefs, the departed soul of the dead person remains in a goat or sheep. The Bhotiya dance liberates the departed soul from the animal. All the people in the community perform this dance to free the soul of the dead person. 

Bhotiya Dance

3. Choliya Dance

Kumaon region of Uttarakhand mainly performs the Choliya dance. It is generally famous in Almora, Pithoragarh, and Champavat part of the Kumaon district. It is also known as the Sword Dance. It describes the traditional martial art practice of the Kumaoni tribe of Uttrakhand. It is a thousand-year-old dance form mainly practiced in Rajput weddings and gatherings. The dance equipment includes many dancing props and safety tools like swords and shields. Other types of equipment are dhol and drum. Also, the other main pieces of equipment include the regional ones like Turi and Ransing. Choliya dance includes circular and angular movement of body parts and mock fights.

Choliya Dance

4. Jhora Dance

It is a famous dance performed in Kumaon. This dance form unites both high as well as the lower community. People dance in groups irrespective of their community. Men and women move in a circle, holding each other’s arms, and dancing with utmost grace. At the weddings and fairs and even at the arrival of the spring season, people do Jhora dance.

Jhora Dance

5. Mukhota Dance

People do the Mukhota dance in the Vaishakha month according to the Hindu calendar. Mukhota dance worships God Bhumitayal. Generally, the fairs in the month of Vaishakha have the Mukhota dance performance. It is a dance form in which the participants wear traditional dresses and masks representing their deities and evil demons.

Mukhota Dance

The above folk dances highlight various folk tales and the culture of Uttarakhand. These dances also inculcate many values among the local people, especially the youth. They shape the human minds and thoughts. They are a vital source to enlighten the lives of people with the history of their place.

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