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We usually keep getting the request to share our packing tips from naïve and pro solo travelers. This blog typically talks about packing details while we are on the road. Happy Reading! as we as #ghoomophirosisters understand that packing right stuff is very important and is challenging too for solo backpacking females.

Every time we travel, we discuss a lot on what need to be taken and what needs to be left behind, and over the 8 years of journey, we realized our bags are getting lighter and lighter.

Here you go!!


Bag or Day Pack – Apart from your backpacks, don’t miss to carry a small sling bag/day pack. This helps to keep the small stuff like sunscreesn/lip balms, shades, watch, one pair of clothes, water bottle, wallet etc within reach,

Travel Documents: Don’t miss to carry important documents like passport, requisite visas, extra photos, local currency, health insurance, traveler cheques, local guide book, emergency numbers. These all can be accommodated in your day bag.

Travel Clothes: Wrinkle-free washable pants/trousers (with a zipper to turn them into shorts and preferably with plenty of pockets) – we stay away from jeans in the tropics: they stay wet forever (if you’re traveling in cities, jeans are perfect if that’s what you usually wear),  wrinkle-free washable blouses (one short and one long sleeves), pair socks (get special walking socks, not cotton ones)1 pair hiking sandals (for beach, town, and shower) or walking shoes. Cold weather clothes, a lightweight fleece jacket – or something warmer if you’re heading where it’s really freezing. Large plastic poncho or lightweight waterproof (carrying an umbrella can be cumbersome). Some scarves, and other accessories that can be mix and matched.

Personal Items: Nail clippers, Small bottle of antibacterial soap ,Small tube of moisturizing cream or lotion, comb or hairbrush, Toothpaste, toothbrush, Viscose or microfiber travel towel , Deodorant or talcum powder, Hair clip or barrette (if you have long hair), Eye mask and ear plugs, Eyeglasses, contact lenses and supplies, Sunglasses, sunscreen. Wristwatch with an   alarm function (Fastrack has come out with real swanky collection), small candles and waterproof matches, toilet papers, sanitizers, mosquito repellent.

Getting Technical: a small LED, plus a headlamp , Individual country plug adapters , Pens , A small penknife or Swiss Army , Cell phone/phone cards/charger (make sure you pack it in something waterproof).

pack (2)

Travel Money belt, First aid kit, and your credit cards are other things which you would not like to miss.!!

Go pack and travel!!

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