Gond Paintings and Its Intracacies

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India is a land of rich culture and heritage. Several art forms are still lesser known to the outer world. Gond art is such art form, which is fondly practiced by Gond tribes from Madhya Pradesh.


Primarily, the word Gond originates from the Dravidian expression kond meaning ‘the green mountain’. This art form primarily depicts the colors of nature along with the everyday quest for life. Through Gond paintings, the Gonds primarily depicts the celebrations, human relationship etc. They are usually inspired from the belief that happy images bring good luck to their family and hence they paint their walls with vivid colorful images that relates to stories. The artists use series of dots, dashes and lines arranged meticulously to depict the story. They are very careful while adding those lines and dashes and convey the sense if movement to these paintings.



What is more beautiful with this story telling art is the vividity of colors. Gonds use bright colors like white, blues, red, yellow etc. and all of them are derived naturally from plants, soil, charcoal and even cow dung. Though government is helping out these artists by recognizing them on global level and helping this art to reach to their fans.

Thank you Singinawa Lodge for giving me opportunity to explore this vibrant art.

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