Ha Long Bay – Venetian beauty in East

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Ha Long Bay – Venetian beauty in East

One of the things that you must definitely consider doing if you are ever in Vietnam in the future is to cruise on Ha Long Bay.

The Ha Long Bay is a majestic bay comprising of nearly 2,000 limestone islands. The natural spectacle has been declared a UNESCO World Cultural Site.

How to reach Ha Long Bay?

A bus ride from Hanoi in Vietnam will land you on the bay in about 4 hours.

What to eat?

Food is easily available in the region and non-vegetarian food, especially fish, is the most common but a large number of vegetarian alternatives are available. The quality of food on a cruise depends on the quality of cruise – generally expensive, the more expensive a cruise is, the better the quality of food is.

What is the best weather to visit Ha Long Bay?

Though Ha Long Bay is awesome in all weather; the best time to visit it is on a clear sunny day.

What to do in Ha Long Bay?

The junk boats in the bay made of old wood add a flavor of bygone days to the natural beauty of the place.

1. Go Cruising

The best thing it does in Ha Long Bay is to do go cruising. It is a relaxation in the cradle of nature that will warm welcome to you on a holiday especially if you are coming from noisy city of Hanoi

2. Visit local floating villages.

yes, you heard it. Floating villages! A bamboo ride will take you to these small almost entirely self-sustained island villages. They have few homes and often each home has a small fish farm of its own. The people are engaged in fishing and pearl trading and have lived here for centuries.

The villages are far away from the nearest mainland, and so in order to protect them from the excesses of Bay and wind; they are built on large buoys which is what earns them the title of floating villages.

Even little children take a boat to their small, one-room classes.

3. Go Kayaking

A journey to the Ha Long Bay is incomplete without Kayaking. If your restless limbs won’t let you rest in cruise; this physical sport might appeal to you even more. Nevertheless, everyone must have this unforgettable experience.

4. Sunsets

Only very few sights are as impressive as a sunset in Ha Long Bay, it’s orange light filling the whole view with its stunning beauty.

5. Sunrise

Rising earlier in the morning here will pay yours incredibly in the form of sight of an amazing sunrise that will greet you.

6. Go fishing

If fishing is your thing, it is another thing on cards. And what better way to spend time as you wait for the sun to rise.

7. Caves

The cave tours will take you to limestone caves found on some of the islands. Being on small islands the caves themselves are quite small but that doesn’t take away from their immense beauty. They were cold and aptly lit by soft lighting which showcased their beauty best.

The Sung Sot Grotto or “Amazing Grotto” has some of the best caverns. On the other hand of them is a cliff, offering a panoramic view of the whole bay.

The downside is these caves might easily get crowded.

8.. Cooking Classes

You can take cooking classes on your cruise and learn to cook some local delicacies!


Some tips on the selection of a cruise:

1. The price you pay for the cruise is normally an indicator of the quality of your experience (budget, mid-range or luxurious).

2. If you want to save some bucks at the expense of some inconvenience; you should book a cruise locally in Hanoi with one of the travel agencies. The inconvenience is in hunting for the agency that offers the best price. Book online to avoid this inconvenience.

3. Make sure your cruise offers everything you wish to do. After ensuring it, double-check it.

4. The smaller the boat, the more personal the experience it produces. Thus, we recommend ensuring the size of the boat is right for you.

5. Try to go for cruises that take you to less-traveled places in order to avoid crowds.

Lastly, make sure you click a lot of pics. 🙂

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