How ghoomophirosisters survived solo travel!!

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The very idea of traveling solo is pretty much like watching an old Martin Scorsese horror flick in an empty movie theater. It sends a chill down your spine and makes you imagine traveling to some of the darkest places on the earth infested with man-eating creatures like those in Wrong Turn movies. However, traveling solo is a blown out of proportion concept based on some rare whimsical experiences of insecure travelers from different parts of the world. It is not really related to any third-grade gory movie’s plot, which has travelers chopped in pieces innovatively by zombies.

Traveling solo is rather a divine experience that can answer some of the most beautiful mysteries of your life. But to be on your feet and exploring, you need some real motivation that may come in the form of a good way to spend your free time. Here are a few good tips for you to pass your time while traveling solo.

Read about the city

If you are an avid reader then this can come in handy. Buy a book or read online about the city you are traveling in to pass your time when you are not traveling.


Strike a conversation with local people

Once you are done traveling for the day, strike an unforgettable conversation with the local people of the city. Local people can sometimes unveil an unknown side of the city that nobody finds in books or just anywhere in the world.


Explore the city on your feet

Traveling solo actually gives you more time to explore a city your way. So there is no chance you will require a piece of advice on spending your free time in a good way. Inhale a handful of fresh air, taste their local delicacies, drink a cup of tea or coffee or just whatever they have on offer for you. Remember food is the best way to know a city and by walking around like a local you embrace the city.

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Document your travel

If traveling solo is boring, it is time to indulge in some real adventure. How about giving birth to a photographer in you? Pack your camera one more time, set out to some mysterious destinations, and capture the memories with colors designed by you. Or just start writing down your experience on a diary or click pictures.

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Do Your Homework before booking your trip

Thanks to the Internet which has made easier to read more your potential destination. Usually, official tourism websites showcase the rosiest of pictures to attract visitors. Blogs like can be a real help for in-depth information from locals about safety and culture.

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Pack Smart
When traveling solo make sure you pack all of your essentials in your carry-on in case your luggage gets lost. Carry a complete set of clothes for different weather conditions such as for hot, cold, and wet weather. Don’t forget your walking shoes, medication, and all of your identification documents and everyday technology items.
Always have some emergency cash and keep it in a secret place.


Be Aware
Personal safety and protection of your belongings can be a big concern but needn’t be such a fear that so that you become obsessed with it. Don’t dress like an obvious “tourist” with all those fanny pack cameras swinging and don’t flash money, expensive technology or wear expensive jewelry. Dress up simple like a local.

Traveling solo is a boon in disguise. Very few have this opportunity in their lives. Our tips above won’t let you waste it.

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