Human By Nature making Kerala truly God’s Country

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Kerala has always been fascinating for us as ghoomophirosisters. The first time we went to meet a friend in Kochi, we extended our vacation to explore the humans of Kerala. We are penning down this article to support and spread the word of the latest campaign of Kerala Tourism Board “Human by Nature”, which truly resonates with our experience too. 

Keralites are diverse and colorful

Kerala boasts of having some of the most diverse folks. During your stroll in the morning, you can find fishermen’s getting ready for their day working out with their nets, while some of the women would be busy drawing creative Rangolis, where-as there are homestays, where you would be surprised to see kids learning local martial art Kalaripayattu. For us, it was about imbibing their day journey within us. 


Not only this, like any other Indian state, Keralites are firm believers of “athithi devo bhav”, meaning “guests are god”. You can truly live this experience while you are staying with locals in homestays like we did or in the house-boats of Alleppey. They are too eager to share their culture, their lifestyle with us, which makes us feel very overwhelming. During our visit to Munnar, few ladies who were busy plucking tea-leaves even agree to share how their day look like and much more. The broad smile on their faces and the kids with them was heartening and radiating positivity about the place. We were completely submerged in their non-fussy, simplistic, uncomplicated culture which was evident in everything they were pursuing.

Humans by Nature

An open-minded approach and a multicultural attitude have, undoubtedly, allowed Kerala to become one of the most progressive states in India.

We were lucky to visit the place during Onam and the residents of the homestay, where we chose to stay, made sure we both participate with our full enthusiasm. Their hospitality was unmatchable.

Dressed up for Onam

Helping for Onam

Sharing this video from Kerala Tourism Board, which will make you believe what exactly we just said. This 3-minute clip encapsulates the power of humans, the inclusivity and magnificence that Keralites behold to make the state furthermore beautiful.

“The Food”, to satiate your coconut craving

Well, being a vegetarian, we were delighted to have such a wide variety of cuisines, though coconut and rice were the key ingredients. Thoroughly enjoyed the permutations and combinations that we ate.

Nature at its best 

Nothing could be more romantic than viewing the green Munnar tea-plantation to cruising in the backwaters of Alleppey to lazing in the white beaches of Kovalam with your special someone. The beauty of Kerala is the result of its landscape diversity which includes almost 600km of gorgeous beaches; a slow-paced network of jungle backwaters, the tea-covered hills. We still recall our key itinerary spots. Adding them here, so that you add them in your itinerary too.

  • Kochi, famous for its amazing Chinese fishing nets and the sunsets.
  • Thekkady, where you will rejoice yourself with elephants.
  • Munnar, a hill station that will make you fall in love with its green tree-plantation
  • Alleppey, Cruise in its backwaters and stay in the houseboat
  • Kovalam, beachside scenic place
  • Wayanad, part of Kerala which is an adventure-lovers paradise.



And last but not least, there is a reason why Kerala boasts of being amongst top travel destinations and that reason is wonderful people of  Kerala apart from its quintessential beauty. Summing up the post with the sunset at Cherai Beach!!

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Kerala Tourism 

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