Is budget a concern, try these hacks for Euro travel!!

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Euro travel has always been on most of our minds, but what stops is exorbitant budget, that comes with the travel plan and then most of us take the step back. This post talks about the quick budget hacks for Euro savings that can be kept in mind as you get set go for Euro travel..
Plush Hotels!! A Big No
If you want to experience Europe in style, drop the idea to stay in hotels. Instead, try homestays, budget hostels, and couch surfing. This will give you the flavor of country, their lifestyle and above you shall be able to save some penny too that can be utilized to extend your stay;) These cultural interactions make your travel more memorable and enrich your experience which gives you stories for life. These locals also let you know about the places which are pocket friendly to visit and have their own charm as their represent the true place. Visiting typical tourist place is not that much fun as compared to the unexplored lanes of Europe. Believe me they is much more what we see on internet.
Sufficient Cash & Emergency Cash.
Ensure you have enough cash as you travel. You can avail good forex services to convert Euro to INR. It is also advisable to keep cash at different places to avoid situations like theft and robbery. Also ensure you have list of sites, places handy which can help you with forex urgently, if required. Most importantly, don’t withdraw money from ATM and never get your forex changed from airport.
Local Language!! Great Help
Learning few native words makes you one of them and most of locals try to help you in bargaining. They really like the people who try to be one of them. This sweet gesture of yours can actually act as a boon while you want every penny to be saved.
How to save on Food and Water.
Water is little expensive in European countries. Make sure you carry a refillable water bottle, which can be refilled from public places, otherwise a part of your budget shall get wasted in purchasing water bottles. Also, do visit supermarkets once in a while, as you can find local food, fruits, etc. at cheap rates. You can actually purchase edible items and cook on your own in hostels and home-stays. It is a great idea to prepare a small bag, with some quick bites so that you don’t spend a lot on the way on food.
Experiencing Europe for free
Do visit tourist centres of the cities, to get the info around free events, discounts. Also, you can get hold of all inclusive passes from these bureaus as you travel, try to use local transport as much as possible.
Europe is a beautiful place, and you definitely would like to stretch your stay which can be made possible if you spend less on food, lodging and transport and spend more on sightseeing and enjoying the place. Most importantly travel in off-season 😉

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