Lakes of Kumaon Valley

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The Lakes of Kumaon hills lie in Uttarakhand which is also known as the “Lake District” of India. Amidst the beautiful mountain divisions of Kumaon are these four incredible lakes. Apart from the most popular Nainital lake, there are other big and small lakes too. It is a wonderful experience to walk around these lakes and seeing the tourists enjoying the views and boating while we did the same.

  1. Nainital Lake.

Nainital Lake is the famous lake among tourists since it lies in the district of the same name. This is the spot for your picnic and hill station desires. It is a kidney-shaped lake with hills surrounding it. You can sit at one point and just enjoy the panoramic view of the mountains, the lake and the reflection upon the freshwater surface. The surroundings of the lake were as rich in flora as the lake in Aquafauna.

  1. Bhimtal Lake

Bhimtal Lake has its roots in Hindu Mythology as it is named after one of the Pandavas ‘Bhim’ and it is said that Pandavas came here during their exile. There’s a temple called Bhimeshwar Mahadev Temple belonging to that Pandava and the Banyan tree in the middle of it shows how old the temple really is. There is also a hill called “Hidimba hill” nearby named after Bhim’s wife.


The best time to visit the lake is during early morning as you can walk around and breathe the fresh air with no one but the birds to keep you company. There are a few platforms where you can see the lake in its full glory. The water was crystal clear and the hills reflected in it looked magnificent. There is also an island in the middle of Bhimtal lake which is, in fact, an aquarium that you can reach via a boat ride.

  1. Nakuchia Tal

Located at the mere distance of 4 km away from Bhimtal, this is a comparatively smaller lake. The lake is irregularly shaped and you have to be there at sunset to fully enjoy the different views at each step. This lake is also known as the “lake with nine corners”, though we were unable to count the exact corners. It is the deepest lake of them all and the valley offers many adventure sports activities like paddling, yatching that you can indulge in. There is also a Lotus pond near Nakuchital filled with lotus flowers of different colours.

Nakuchia Tal

  1. Sat Tal lake

The name ‘Sat Tal’ itself indicates that this lake is a group of 7 lakes. These are Hanuman Lake, Ram Lake, Sita Lake, Lakshman Lake, Bharat Lake, Garuda Lake and Nal Damyanti Lake.  These are the seven freshwater lakes that are all interconnected to each other and as the name suggests, it is believed that Lord Ram stayed near this lake during his exile.

The lake surrounded by tall oak and Pine trees offers a mesmerizing view. Along with good spots to eat up, there was a zip line where we saw people getting dipped into the lake and joyously cheering. Ram Lake and Hanuman Lake are easily accessible by road but we had to go down a hill to reach Nl Damyanti Lake. When we saw the Garuda Tal Lake, we were stunned by its beauty. It sat like an aquamarine bowl within the trees and since they call the area nearby Dev Bhoomi, we could actually feel the heavenly presence.

A walk around these lakes is just simply therapeutic and you feel one with nature. Since they have become a popular tourist spot, there are all kinds of facilities available.

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