Lonavala – The Family Getaway for Mumbaikars

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Everybody should make a Lonavala trip once in a lifetime. The resort town of Lonavala in the Sahyadri Mountains is Mumbai’s most popular weekend getaway. Numerous waterfalls that plummet and trickle through thickly forested hillsides are good to escape the madness of the busier lifestyle. Lonavala is a popular holiday destination and a luxe way to enjoy the vacation amidst the cool green valleys which delight the eye. Lonavala is also called the Jewel of the Sahyadri Hills.


It is a hill station which happens to be located at about a 3 hours distance of 64 kilometres from Pune and 96 kilometers from the state capital Mumbai. The expressway running through it is quite an easy way to reach here and the railway is also there to make it a bit faster and easier to reach. Like every other gorgeous hill stations, there are many points on the hills here where you can have a great visual of the entire valley and soothe your senses. There are many small villages which are seen tucked in between and this offers a great visual experience to the visitors. A few kilometers away is a point that gives a great of the fort of Chhatrapati Shivaji known as Rajmachi. The place is a great tourist spot and known as the pride of Maharashtra.

And as is happens to be the case, there is absolutely no dearth of eateries in probably the best holiday destination in Maharashtra. Restaurants like Hotel Chandralok and Cafe 24 and various roadside dhabas will make the foodies go crazy. The cuisines are the impeccable mixture of Gujarati and Maharashtrian food items. And how could one forget the famous sweet, Chikki? Lonavala happens to be one of the biggest exporters of the Indian sweet that has got the entire country drooling over it.


For the picnic, there is the very famous Ryewood Park in Lonavala known for its great views and services. The park is full of tall trees and occupies a great deal of space. There also happens to be a very old and grand Shiva temple in the middle of the park, which is a good place for the devotees of Lord Shiva. Valvan dam is also a very popular tourist spot in the area that attracts a lot of people from all over the country each year. About 12 kilometers away from the mainland Lonavala, is the Duke’s nose. The place is quite popular among the most adventurous of the tourists and is quite a lot of popular among the hikers.


During the visit to Lonavala, one can choose to stay at Fariyas Resort Lonavala that also has a nice banquet venue for partying. For a luxurious stay, one can opt to stay at Aamby Valley City known for its excellent location, great hospitality, and great food.

Being one of the most popular tourist destinations, there is no dearth of places to stay in the hill station. There are five-star hotels, some good lodges among other places where the tourists can have a good stay.

Tiger’s point is one other wonderful place to see in here, which sometimes is also known as Tiger’s leap. Just beside it, there happens to be the wonderful waterfall that only remains active during the monsoon season and is dry for the the most part in the year.

The ancient caves of Karla and Bhaja are other attractions about the place. It gives the tourists a great peak in the ancient history of the Indians about how they lived when the world was devoid of any sort of technological stuff. The very popular caves date back to about 1st century BC and are as beautiful as they get.

Lonavala is to Mumbaikars what Haridwar and Rishikesh are to Delhiites. Most of the people living and working in these two metropolitans do need some time off, and they are lucky to have these places at a few hours’ distance.

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