Masala art from Taj Palace Delhi truly masters the art of Indian and Continental dining

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Masala Art, doing justice to the amazing name it has, is one of those high-end places that offer the most sophisticated and a suave dining experience to it customers.

The Masala Art is located at the Taj Hotel in Chanakyapuri, New Delhi. The per plate cost, at 3500 for two people, is quite on the higher side, but the impeccable service provided by the hotel staff makes up for the extra money spent.

One special thing about the place is the light atmosphere accented by light wood chairs. It’s the thing that some foodies yearn for, in order to end their day on a relaxed note. The restaurant also serves light home-style Indian cuisine.

The Ambiance

The place is tad overpriced yet the interiors of the restaurant live up to the hype about the place. Most often, some black suit businessmen are seen sitting here, enjoying the drinks and amazing food, talking about their business stuff.


In an ambient setting, the sighting of the chefs who whip up your food at the live show-kitchen counter while explaining the process and assuring you the freshest preparations is what makes this restaurant fall apart from the rest. Phulka & Tadka trolley are an important part of their dining culture. Corporate outings are also quite common here and over the weekends, the place has a pretty busy ambience which still feels great to experience.

The Cuisines

Despite the fact that the restaurant deals mostly in the food items limited to the North Indian and Continental meals, the menu is quite large and complicated. What sets it apart from other high-end dining places is the fact that for starters, it offers the desi street food. With items such as Bhalla Papri, Aloo Tikki, Pani poori and samosa chole, the menu is quite colourful. The main course menu has some amazing dishes such as Paneer khatta pyaaz and Bhindi pepper fry and both are highlights of the pretty diverse menu.

For the desserts, there are options such as Badam ka halwa, malpua, rasgulla and kulfi among many other sweet dishes which will appeal to everyone from kids to aged ones.

The food items being served the place are deep rooted and included into the menu strictly keeping the sensibilities of North Indians in mind.





Apart from the fact that this is one of those very few places that feel pride in serving Indian food items with their classy touch, the Masala Art is famous for providing some great services to the customers. The restaurant is wheelchair accessible, has a full bar and provides free wifi to the customers apart from many other services.


However, one thing should be kept in mind; the Masala Art is one of the most popular eateries in the city, so it would be recommended to book the tables in advance. Otherwise, you would have to wait for some time for tables to get free, especially on the weekends when the place almost always remains booked in advance.


One of the very few classy food places in Delhi ranked among the cafes and restaurants in the entire city quite frequently. Thanks to the amazing service and the great North Indian and Continental food.

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