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Maharashtra is one of the most happening states in the country, and we don’t mean it by the tourism point of view. Of course, there are some places which are tourist’s delight, but they aren’t in abundance. Once such place is Matheran, which is closest to the state capital Mumbai. Located in the arms of the great Sahyadri hills, Matheran offers some great visuals worth savoring.

How to reach there

Reaching here is no big a task. A Karjat bound local train will bring you here. As the motor cars are banned, you may have to find a parking spot somewhere else to park your car and then you can walk barefoot to Matheran. The entry ticket for the adults is INR 40 while the minors can get in at half of that amount.


However, there is one thing where the place serves as a great example for the rest of the country, any kind of motor vehicles are banned here completely. This step was taken in order to keep the place as pollution-free as possible. And the result shows, the air smells the best, the green is really green and the sky seems bluer than ever. There are talks about making some other places in the country to make them the same way as Matheran.

About the place, Matheran is a picturesque valley full of natural beauty which happens to be present here in abundance. People say that almost all the points of this beautiful place are visually stunning; at every point, you can get a great view of the sunrise, the sunset, and the photogenic valleys. A walk, rickshaw or a horseback ride, choose whatever, the experience will be far better than you must have imagined. However, one thing that must be kept in mind is that most of the best places where you would want to see the sunrise and the sunset will be crowded almost all the time. There will be aggressive monkeys that are known as great thieves. Watch out for them as they keep lurking around some corner waiting to get a chance to snatch some food and eateries.

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Some of the most popular sites in Matheran are the Lake Charlotte, where a magnificent waterfall overflows from the lake. Other best places to visit in Matheran are Louisa Point, Charlotte Lake, Porcupine Point (Sunset Point), Panorama Point, Alexander Point, Echo Point, Prabal Fort and many more others.

Charlotte Lake is a serene scenic spot and a prominent lake in Matheran. This lake is the prime source of the supply of water to the Matheran region. With the truly mesmerizing waterfalls that spill out around the Lake during the monsoon season, the lake becomes a splendid site to explore.

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The central bazaar is one of the most interesting places to shop for all those who want a taste of the local culture. There are plentiful little shops in the Central Bazaar loaded with stuff such as leather goods, hats, footwear and the very ambrosial sweet ‘chikki’ – which is a key attraction here.

For the adventurous trekkers, Matheran is a pure indulgence. There are manifold trekking routes to Matheran, the most famous being the one through the Garbett Plateau.

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  • Really good information here, I am also planning my trip to Matheran and will consider these points while travelling.

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