A makeover for Jog Falls

Posted on April 3, 2021 by

The spellbinding falls in Karnataka, Jog Falls, is gearing up for a much-needed change. According to a report, officials have planned for a long list of projects that includes boating facilities to Hebbail’s Padmavathi Temple and a 400m ropeway.
As per the report, besides these attractions, a scenic park and an amphitheater shall also be constructed over here. Karnataka Power Corporation Limited (KPCL) has already started ensuring that the spot turns out to be a world-class tourist site as early as possible.
In addition to the makeover, the current viewing deck shall receive an up-gradation and the other one shall be added. The amphitheater shall be developed for conducting cultural festivities, the science park shall provide engagement to the kids, and shall feature facilities such as toilets and a cafeteria.
According to the sources from the KPCL, MP from Shivamogga, BY Raghavendra, is the mastermind behind the development of such a project. The project bears a religious aspect as well. The source further stated that the project will feature a boating facility from jungle lodges to the Vadanbailu Padmavathi Temple in Hebbail village. In the present time, the visitors are required to get approval from KPCL for traveling to the temple and that too via Kargal distanced at 15 km. The boating facility shall have prior permission and lessen the traveling time and distance and at the same time provide a unique experience.
Keeping in sync with the report, KPCL has instructed the project to get completed by 2023. The officials have also planned to modulate the swimming pool that has been destroyed six years ago.