Covid – 19 protocol for international travel

Posted on February 9, 2021 by

International Travel
Since the spread of the pandemic, traveling has become a serious headache to people, and reaching the desired destination has become a grave task. In order to tackle the situation, several countries have come up with strict guidelines that include a traveler to go through a covid test that should definitely show a negative report.
The United States of America is only accepting reports tested from government labs. The rapid antigen test is held to be the most sensitive and accurate test, whose result should not be more than three days old.
The second test that is being accepted is the swab test but the results are a bit delayed. Nasal swab tests are conducted by the health professionals and the results are given the following day. While it takes only 15 – 30 minutes to deliver the report the rapid tests, the swab test report takes more than a day.
In spite of going through these tests, an electronic or printed proof of result from a certified medical lab is required by the USA. Even if an individual goes through the fastest available test, they still have to get the document ready from a health care provider.
England too follows the same course of action in regard to covid – 19 test reports. Both of the tests are being accepted by the country while Britain has imposed an extra amount of accuracy. Visitors planning an England trip are required to make sure that their test reaches the expected standard.
So, if you are planning for a visit to any of these countries, be rest assured to carry a negative covid report.