It shall now take 2.5 hours to reach Dehradun from Delhi. How?

Posted on February 17, 2021 by

The time taken to travel to Dehradun from Delhi is all ready to get shortened. If all goes according to the plan, traveling time from Delhi to Dehradun shall be lessened to nearly four hours.
According to the reports, Nitin Gadkari, Union Transport Minister has off late stated that the new Delhi – Dehradun expressway has been approved by his ministry and that it will see an investment of INR 13000 cr. Keeping in sync with the ministerial report, the upcoming highway shall possess 10 elevated roads, and the time taken to cover the distance between the two cities shall come down to just 2.5 hours in comparison to the 6.5 hours that it takes now.
As per the repots, it will take nearly 2 years from now for the proposed expressway to be operational. The Transport Ministry has further stated that the work for construction is currently under progress and it shall be the first highway in the country that shall feature a 12 km elevated corridor in the protection of wildlife.
Basic points to be noted
The aforementioned expressway shall cut down the distance between the two cities by 20 km, thus reducing the time of travel from 6.5 hours to 2.5 hours. You shall be permitted to drive at a minimum speed of 100 km/hour on the expressway.
The expressway shall possess 10 elevated roads and a 12 km long stretch of the elevated corridor for the protection of wildlife.
In order to enhance the experience of the travelers, at every 25 – 30 km, the expressway shall feature amenities. There should be a closed toll mechanism that shall use the toll only for the purpose of highway use.
The expressway is expected to give a boost to tourism in Uttarakhand which shall, in turn, upgrade the economy of the region.
The route stretching from Akshardham in Delhi to Dehradun shall be segmented into four parts for the implementation of the project.