Open letter to hotels to promote eco-tourism

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As travel bloggers, we stay at so many hotels and resorts. Staying in different places, even in the kind of environment which is often not suitable to have proper accommodation, we realize the importance of leaving a green footprint. But being a commercial hotel and remaining eco-friendly seems like a tough task.

We have visited so many mountains that get dirtied by the plastic and wrappers travelers leave behind. Recently, the tourism in Bhaderwah in Jammu and Kashmir multiplied ten-fold but the damage it caused to the environment was irreparable. Yes, all travelers need to understand the importance of being eco-friendly but before they do that, the accommodation they are staying at must ensure that they instill that thought in the traveler’s mind. So, here is an open letter to all hotels to promote eco-tourism and sustainability.

Dear Hotel-owners,

Your short-term benefits might be bad for business in the long-term. It might feel easier for you to pay electricity bills even though it takes a cut out of your profit, but you should know that investing in solar panels is a one-time investment. In the long run, it is much cheaper and much more sustainable. Similarly, using plastic straws may seem like you are offering comfort to your guests but those straws harm the aquatic animals and do not decompose, deteriorating the earth and marine life which are causes of tourism in many places.

Why would anyone wish to visit a place that wasn’t naturally beautiful? What keeps a place naturally beautiful is the care people of the place have for its environment. You must have read about Leh and how much problems they are having because of tourism. Tourism might boost the economy of a place but if there is no eco-tourism, the tourism potential of a place will be completely exploited and it will be left worthless after a few years.

Why shouldn’t you serve water in jugs instead of plastic bottles? An even better option is metal bottles or glass bottles. If your guests find it awkward at first, it is your job to convince them that what you are doing is for their benefit and the benefit of the environment. Travelers have a soft spot for nature and will always appreciate steps like that. But wouldn’t it cost a lot to make such changes in the hospitality industry?

The truth is, it doesn’t cost as much as one expects and moreover, it works in favor of “brand-building”. One can bring small changes daily. Have different dustbins for bio-degradable and non-biodegradable waste and a proper method of waste disposal. Give your guests a pouch for putting wrappers and trash in so they do not litter in places they are visiting. Adopt water-conservation methods by outsourcing laundry services and creating awareness for water conservation. You can also use photocell faucets for minimizing the water use. Also, buy recycles toilet paper and local-made furniture. If the tourist destinations are not too far away, have a bicycle service available for your guests. Moreover, one important thing you must do is not to use chemical-based cleaning products.

It must seem like a lot but do these little things and showcase it to the world. Eco-tourism is rapidly growing and many hotel chains are jumping the bandwagon. Yet, things will not change with just a few hotels deciding to go eco-friendly. Everyone must contribute their bit. It is not just about the environment either, it also forms part of the Corporate Social Responsibility. The next time someone visits your hotel, they should get to see how much you care for the place you are doing business in.

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