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Wondering what this dense Pench Tiger Reserve consists of!! Explore it through the lens of  #ghoomophirosisters in this photo-blog. These beautiful National Parks are not just to spot the big cat, there is much more in them beyond the royal tigers..and this is exactly what we have tried to capture!! We were accompanied by talented naturalist Sagar, Pugdundee Safaris  who enhanced our knowledge about wildlife and share lot of smallest facts around them.


Karmajhiri entry gate. This is the place from where you get passes for the entry to the park. A government guide also accompanies you. There are three gates and Turia is the most congested one, as most if the resorts and hotels are situated there. Only 6-7 jeeps you will find at Karmajhiri.


Inside Jungle, milestones to guide the way through.


Waterholes; You can find several waterholes in the jungles. These are happy spots for both naturalists and animals. Former wait for the later to come to drink water.


As #ghoomophirosisters took a small break for breakfast inside the jungle.


Trying hands to drive through the jungles


Lucky to find the pack of 7 wild dogs, which are rare..Guess they were partying;)


Night jar on the road!! Look at the way, it has camoflagued himself..


Langurs are something, you would definitely find in abundance in Pench


Ahh!! this was sweet one; Peacock running after peahen to woo her:-)


Deers!! Ah, you definitely can expect them in great numbers to maintaing the nature balance.

So what are you waiting for, we are sure pictures would have motivated you to pack your bags and get your bookings done.

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