Post COVID- 19 Air Travel for Indians

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Post Covid-19 Air Travel for Indians

Post COVID- 19 Air Travel for Indians

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has changed the shape and image of the world economy. China-born pandemic has brought many economic activities and business to a standstill. It is a major issue before the governments of various countries and states to revive the economy back. The Indian government is doing its best to develop the Indian economy with aid to fight the pandemic. A major challenge before the Indian government will be the planning of post-COVID-19 air travel for Indians. 

The arrangements at the airport for going in and out of the country are among the major decisions to be taken. These include the following:

Social distancing norms:

Social distancing is one of the ways to stop the spread of the virus. At the airport, as well as while boarding the flight, the airport authority and the passengers will have to take care of social distancing. They will have to maintain six feet distance between passengers and managers.

Hygiene and sanitation:

The airport authority in India has constructed guidelines to ensure the proper cleanliness at the airports. Also, regular sanitization of airports will be new normal. It has also made mandatory for everyone to cover their faces with masks and wash hands frequently.  

Least contact:

The airport authorities have come up with a plan to minimize the contact at the possible departure and arrival time. An arrangement will be made to sanitize all the trolleys after use by the passengers by passing from a sanitation tunnel. Also, to avoid long queues at departure gates, proper seating arrangements will be made for the passengers. Also, the passengers can drop their luggage for checking and screening through scan-and-fly kiosks without any contact with the agents.   

Use of PPE and thermal screening:

The airport department will be secured with the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Also, there will be shops created around the airport selling gloves, masks, and other equipment. An arrangement will be made for the thermal screening of passengers at the time of arrival and departure of flights. The passengers who are found some symptoms of the virus will be barred from boarding the flight. 

Reduction in the number of passengers:

Many airlines have decided to reduce the number of passengers on a flight. Many airlines, like Indigo, have created advisory to allow only 60% of passengers in the plane and keep the middle seats empty. However, it can have a counter effect on the airlines as most of the passengers will not prefer boarding flights as almost 1/3rd of the airbus will be empty.

Safe taxis and onboard meal:

The aviation companies have barred from providing onboard meals to the passengers as a provision of their safety. Also, at the airport (especially Cochin airport in Kerala), the taxi drivers have placed rear mirrors among the passenger and the driver seat to avoid the spread of the virus. Also, only two passengers will be allowed to sit on the back seat after sanitizing their hands properly.

It is the responsibility of every person to stay safe and follow the advisory and decision of airport authorities.

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