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Rukmini Temple

Rukmini is well known as the first queen of Lord Krishna as he married her first followed by Jambavati and Satyabhama. However, it is also true that the most popular Shakti in his life and with who he gets associated the most is Radha, while Braj Bhumi it mostly about Radha, Dwarka is majorly about Rukmini.

Rukmini Temple, Dwarka

Rukmini Temple is situated nearly 2 km from the Dwarkadhish Temple in the beautiful city of Dwarka. To be more precise we (ghoomophirosisters) noticed that the temple is outside the city limits standing close to a small water body populated by birds. We were told that the temple dates back to 12th CE.

The elegant entrance of the temple

At the entry of the temple, there is a Shikhara holding old carvings with beautiful Madanikas on a panel going across the Shikhara. The base of the temple is basically an inverted lotus. We also noticed a row of elephants with niches having Vishnu images. You can also notice a saffron flag fluttering on the top of  Shikhara. The mandapa has a dome roof indicating towards medieval addition.

Story of Rukmini

We (ghoomophirosisters) were taken inside the temple in batches where the priest tells you the story of Rukmini. The temple contains beautiful images of Rukmini as well as the legends associated with her. There are about 3-4 popular legends that are associated with her coming mostly from Srimad Bhagwat. Within the complex, there are other temples also dedicated to Amba Devi, the Kul Devi of Krishna.

Reason for Rukmini Temple being in the outskirts of the city

There is a story to support why this temple is situated at a location outside the main city and especially away from Dwarkadhish Temple. Krishna and Rukmini went over to invite Rishi Durvasa who was known for his short temper for food with all their chariots. He agreed but the condition was that the chariot would be drawn by Krishna and Rukmini to which the couple humbly accepted. On the way, Rukmini felt thirty and Lord Krishna immersed his foot into the earth and Ganga came out to quench the thirst of Rukmini. In her thirst, she forgot to offer water to Rishi Durvasa first. As a revert, Rishi Durvasa cursed the couple yelling that they would have to live separately. It is this story that priests use to back Rukmini’s temple being situated in the outskirts away from Dwarkadhish temple. At Dwarkadhish temple also she is present in the form of Mahalaxmi and a small temple is dedicated to her at Gopi Talaav also.


Krishna – Rukmini Vivah 

Rukmini, the princess of Vidarbha was born to Bhishmaka and was supposed to be married to Sisupala, king of Chedi. However, based on what she heard from others and specifically from Sage Narada about Lord Krishna she was determined to tie the knot only with Sri Krishna regarding which she wrote a letter to him which is perceived to be the first love letter ever known to have been written. In the letter, she told Krishna Ji to kidnap her from the temple when she comes there as a routine for prayers. We (ghoomophirosisters) got to read the printed version of the letter in Red on white paper in the Hindi language. The saying goes that a lady who wishes to get married to the love of her life should read this letter for sure to seek blessings. As per the plan, Krishna kidnapped her and tied a knot at a village close to Porbandar on the 11th day of Chaitra month and later got married again at Dwarka. They had 9 sons and one daughter from this marriage.

Tulabhar- a ritual that still continues

Satyabhama the third wife of Krishna got tricked by Narada for making donations of wealth worth Krishan Ji’s weight. To determine this they used weighing balance but irrespective of all the wealth she was unable to get the result. Rukmini came to her rescue and placed a single leaf of Tulsi Plant on the weighing scale and it tilts showing that Lord desires only love. The tradition is still alive and devotees can donate grains worth their body weight.

Rukmini at Pandharpur

The story goes that once Radha disrespected Rukmini so she left Dwarka and acme to Dindirvan now known as Pandharpur. She was followed by Lord Krishna, his cows, Ganga, as well as Govardhan Parvat.

We (ghoomophirosisters) were amazed to pay a visit to this temple. There are plenty of hotels that you can book around this temple. However, we (ghoomophirosisters) preferred staying at VITS Devbhumi. The stay was awesome and within our budget. This is, after all, a must-visit temple especially if you are out on a spree to visit Dwarkadhish Temple that is dedicated to Lord Krishna.

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