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If there was one name in the whole wide world that is constantly associated with the best pizzas, it would be Jamie Oliver. After the renowned chef started his chain in almost all the big cities all over the world, he arrived in India with some great recipes in Pizzas among other Italian dishes. Jamie’s Pizzeria, the UK-based international food chain is located in the Ambience Mall, Vasantkunj and is listed among the best pizza places in the city and around. The casual dining place opens up at 11 every morning and remains open until 11 at night.

The specialty about the place is the pizza base. A truly delicious pizza is if you can eat the base even if it has no vegetables on it and the base stands up to the pizza test very well well adding a new and delicious dimension to the pizza experience. The cost for two people is approximately Rs.800 that sounds pretty reasonable and comes without burning a hole in your pocket.


The restaurant is located over a massive area of about 1000 square feet and provides an ample space to deal with a lot of customers at the very same time. The menu items are written on the blackboards from where you can order whatever you like. As you enter the Jamie Oliver’s first India venture, you can experience a warm ambience with buttery light and family-style tables. The place has retro styled tomato-red seats with a leather strap that represents both the friendliness and toughness that the Naked Chef is known for. All pizza lovers must surely check out the open kitchen concept where soft, doughy handkerchiefs are tossed into the air and a variety of pizzas are born and brought to your plate. We had a great time watching the delightful dough show. The beautiful hostess with shining yellow hair walks around and serves you the lovingly made pizzas with a welcoming smile.

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Coming to the cuisines, the place is a must stopover for a variety of Pizzas and other Italian food items. And believe us when we say this, not many people are acquainted with Oliver’s magic. If you are an ardent pizza lover, there is no way in the world that you should miss the experience of dining at the place and have one of those amazing pizzas that they serve.



The Ginger beer and litchi juice were the first things we had and we didn’t regret. They were amazing, to begin with followed by some hand-stretched garlic bread with rosemary & an olive tapenade which warmed us up perfectly well before the pizza arrived. We ordered red rocket pizza which is a blend of tomatoes, mozzarella, rocket, and olives, cheddar and veg parmesan. The crunchy taste stayed in our mouths for a long time. The pizza was followed by desserts in form of ice cream and brownie. In the end, it was a perfect amalgamation of taste and aroma.


Wine and ice cold beer are served to those who want to start or end the meal with some alcohol. The bar is amazing and beautiful to look at. The Italian essence you feel upon entering the place is one other major highlight of Jamie’s Pizzeria.

Jamie’s Pizzeria is for the die-hard pizza lovers who are not a big fan of American style pizzas and want to try the actual Italian flavors, the pizza recipes by famous Jamie Oliver.

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