Shimoga is much more than just a land of satiating beauty- Hidden facts unleashed!

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Shimoga : Sanskrit Village of India

Apart from being the ‘Gateway to Malnad,’ Shimoga is a pride to Karnataka with its eye-captivating natural beauty and wonder landscapes. Shimoga stands for the purest form of nature that is a feast of the soul with its scenic beauty and architectural grandeur. Unexplored and unknown, Shimoga is still not a popular tourist spot and retains its untouched beauty with plush greenery and adventurous mountain ranges. But we would discuss many other facts that are least known to the world. Shimoga district restores the ‘Sanskrit‘ legacy of India in its Mattur village that is one of its kind. Many others never heard facts are yet to come.

There are many gateways in this district of Karnataka that start right from the world-famous railway line, which passes through strolling waters and splendid greenery. Many popular attractions, unknown facts, and real vibe of Shimoga are our take today. 

List for ‘Marvels of Shimoga’

Mattur- An epitome of Sanskrit in India

The rarest village from across the world where every person communicates is our oldest lingual, ‘sanskrit.’ It nurtures the Indian values and passes on with galore to coming generations. With a little strength of 5000 people, Mattur preaches the Vedas and Puranas right from the age of 10. If you visit Mattur, gestures like Katham Asti (How are you) Shubham Bhavatu (May all good happen to me) would mesmerize you and allure you to the cultural roots. 

One IT engineer is in every family of Mattur, and it portrays the power of education and culture. This Sanskrit village is into existence since 1981 when an organization named ‘Sanskrit Bharati’ did a ten-day workshop, and people in the town got overwhelmed with the idea. Most villagers speak Sankethi, a sporadic dialect spoken that is a combination of Kannada, Sanskrit, Telegu, and Tamil. Residents of this village own a firm belief in Vedic literature and absorb it as a part of their lifestyle. Sanskrit resides in their music, dance, art, and expression! Youngsters of Mattur empowers and promotes Sanskrit at job hubs like Cisco and Infosys. Isn’t that worth a pride?

Unveil the trekking thirst at Kodachadri range

With close vicinity to western ghats, Kodachadri ranges are a real thrill to trekkers. Magnificent landscape embarks you to avail the best of this experience. Amongst the highest peaks in Karnataka, it is also a heaven for crazy trekkers. The trail journey towards the peak adorns exotic greenery and greenery abundance that captures the hearts away. Your eyes could not escape the sparkling waterfalls that are milky white and cover the beautiful meadows. Sunset view through the trek marks a memorable moment to your journey. 

Jog Falls- Crown of Shimoga

Jog falls can beat any other famous waterfalls with its gurgling glory and squashing waters. Coming from the height of 253 m, this place signifies India’s natural wonders, and viewers stay awestruck with its grandeur. Jogada Gundi or Gersoppa waterfalls are another name and begin from the Sharavathi river. Monsoons give them a vigorous flow, so it is better to skip the deep plunges. 

Tiger roars at Shettihalli wildlife sanctuary

Next delight to Sanskrit hub Shimoga is its jaw-dropping wildlife sanctuary that restores the thrilling forest wonders. If you are lucky enough, a striped leopard might cross your view or some giant bears goosing in the greenery. Being a secure home to abundant wildlife of this region, it is a beautiful habitat for animals like leopard, deer, jackal, elephant, and langur. It is apt to unite with real nature with some unfiltered backdrops for a perfect wildlife photography session. 

Explore the bird fiesta at Mandagadde Bird Sanctuary

Summon the union with exotic birds waving around freely at Mandagadde bird sanctuary. This island’s scenic beauty highlights when a flock of chirps from far away region comes for a native rest at this place. With the Tunga river by its side, you get a magical vision for these pretty creatures and their queer traits. For a hungry camera lens, this island of exquisite bird beauty is a desirable spot. Median Egrets, Snakebird, Darter, and Little Cormorant are a treat to bird-watchers!

Honnemaradu- Perfect for nerve cracking thrills with water plays

If you are an adventure fanatic, these small villages coasted near Sharavathi River are a delight to campers and sports freaks. Resting in the lap of nature with enthralling landscapes and water noises around, it is a paradise for camping creatures. Range of sports activities to enjoy at Honnemaradu include kayaking, surfing, canoeing, trekking, coracle water tours, and windsurfing. It’s an endeavor to travelers who are in the hunt for something distinct!

Keladi- Signifies the majestic culture and architecture of Shimoga

For a die-hard devotee of culture and traditions, Keladi is sheer fun and achievement of glory. Also known as a temple town of Shimoga, Keladi signifies the Dravidian and Hoysala architecture. You cannot miss a visit to its main attraction from the 12th century, Rameshwara Temple. Intricate ornate on pillar and walls carved with the glory of its traditions are a must-watch. Lord Shiva is their deity following the idols of Lord Veerabhadra and Lord Ganesha. 

Slice of history at Nagara Fort

Next up in the Sanskrit district is the famous Nagara fort. You can hunt for a glimpse of the olden Shimoga era with a mesmerizing visit to this fort. Standing tall since the 16th century, the famous ruler Shivappa Naik of Keladi made it. With a water cover all around, high flowing water currents are its natural protectors. While walking through this majestic palace, you can witness the castle, king’s court, water tanks, and cannons of the fort. Holding the panoramic eye to nature, all around would remain in your memory forever. 

Visit Heggodu

Heggodu is a vibrant hub of culture and heritage. It exhibits a plethora of art and cultural pursuits from across the world. Many performances from local dance troops and a variety of theatre artists make your trip a memorable one. 

Languages spoken in Shimoga are Kannada, Telugu, and Sanskrit, specifically spoken in Mattaru. With the advancement of tourism, people now also understand Hindi and English as well. Cuisines from Shimoga are all unique and pertain to a different local touch. Like most Southern states, this place also serves you with all the meals in a beautiful leafy platter. Every bite of this place conquers nature, and food is no exception. With an exclusive dish list including Bisi Bele Bath, Saaru Jolada roti, Davanagere Benne Dosa to Uppittu, there are many options to pamper your hunger cravings. 


Wrap up

Starting from Mattur, A Sanskrit village of Shimoga to other exorbitant attractions of the district, this place has many decorative elements to explore. If you crave for the majestic landscapes and beautiful surroundings, it is an absolute delight. This district holds a specific significance for the waterfalls and natural wonders. Scientists and scholars from a Sanskrit village ‘Mattur’ have spread the glory and majesty of this place worldwide. The lingual Franca of this place is evident from shopkeepers or home keepers. Shimoga restores the untouched beauty that replicates the aura of real India. Visit this place could fill for appetite for the thirst of landscapes, forests, and waterfalls. Filled with explicit beauty all around, it is an excellent place for a thrilling trip!

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